Rocksteady Is Not Making A Superman Game

Image: Rocksteady

Briefly: Despite all the rumours, Rocksteady is not making a Superman game. The studio behind the critically acclaimed Arkham trilogy won't be at The Game Awards next week either, according to director Sefton Hill.


    There's obviously got to be a way to do a Superman game, but when your character has been written at times to be the Alpha and the Omega of superheroes, i.e. he has endless, endless, limitless power, I guess I can't blame them for not making one. Batman has limitations, but Superman essentially doesn't? Unless everything's poweered by Kryptonite and he's depowered nearly all the time. But we've had that, nearly every time and it hasn't worked out well.

    I have no clue how to do it personally, unless you take him out of our Universe and have his powers limited. But noone really wants that either... so who knows?

    Why not get some other DC characters and make their games? A Green Arrow game would be a lot of fun. A Booster Gold/Blue Beetle co-op game too. Aquaman could be fodder for a great time as well now with current tech. Wonder Woman undoubtedly would kick ass as would, hell, Black Canary. A Birds of Prey game where you could team up with friends online as a different BoP? Hell yes.

    Anyhoo... like the movies have, the games need to move away from just Batman and Superman or they risk stagnating bigtime imho.

      If it wasn't for the fact that it'd end up being a cluster fuck, I'd love a Justice League game.

      Yes, there are ways to do a Superman game... but no developer studio wants to commit suicide on it cause its like triple cursed.

      Superhero IPs make terrible video games especially if tied to a movie it produces an unrealistic development schedule and an expected quality that doesn't match the rush job. You don't see many movie-based video games anymore, and only on mobile phone games. The most successful titles have been Batman and Spiderman and both have been independent productions.

      Even if you could get the Superman IP independent of the movie, you pay an upfront cost for the IP (years in advance) and then a percentage off the top of all sales before you even made the game, your tied to some really nasty IP protection requirements and have to give creative and executive control to DC... and not many developers want that, and the few that have signed that dotted line with DC (or Marvel), well most of them are dead studios.

      Superman is a juggernaut character who is also an invulnerable boy scout, hes never been fun in a game like a... want to fly through some rings?

      To do a proper Superman game, I think you'd need an open world and a countdown clock.
      Something like Dead Rising, where certain events happen at certain times, whether you're there or not. Add in multiple things happening simultaneously, so it's impossible or at least very difficult to save everyone. Superman can't be killed, but he can be slowed down, preventing the player from completing other objectives.
      There's also the problem of scale. The Arkham games did an excellent job of defining borders, whereas Superman is effectively unlimited. He can go anywhere in the world, nay the universe, so how do you contain the game world? A contrived kryptonite dome over Metropolis? Get magic involved?

    The rumours had already changed to it being a Justice League game a few weeks ago.

      I've always felt like this is the better way to go anyway. While technically a Batman game, I loved how Lego Batman 2 used the other members of the JL, only giving access to certain characters depending on the level (until you finished the story anyway). Gave a great variety for the gameplay while still keeping it balanced around character abilities.

    I guess that rumour that Rocksteady was making one last Arkham game was a lie, too.

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