Spycraft: The Great Game is still one of my favourite FMV games of all time, as Zombie Jesus noted yesterday. Noobi did get the game first, however, so credit where credit's due.

Let's step out of the point-and-click adventure genre for a bit. Can you guess today's game?

Good luck!


    As an adherent of the Eternal Emperor this abhorrent symbol of Chaos offends me.

      The AdMech are too afraid to tell you, brother. The Emperor is dead, the Astronomican's beacon has shone unguided for millennia. Only his symbolism remains.

        Welp, I for one would like to welcome our new sky fish lords.

    Street Fighter II

    (Meh, looks like some kind of joystick/pad thingy)

      Or direction markers in some sort of point and click adventure. Memory holding thingy cant think of any it might be though.

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