Scribbletaku: Actual Artist Taking Over

Scribbletaku: Actual Artist Taking Over

Hey guys, Liv here and getting to finally do a Scribbletaku while Alex is on holidays. Yesterday Tegan posted one that was not solved – It was the Lucky Lunch from Stardew Valley.

Editor’s Note: Holy crap, the shade in that headline. Time for a performance review 😉 – Tegan

This is a pretty easy one to start off, I’ll go with something more obscure next time I get the chance to do Scribbletaku. Good Luck!


      • Am I missing something with Hollow Knight?

        I bought it after reading the glowing reviews, and being a big fan of the genre (Ori and Super Metroid are some of my favourite games period.)

        However after getting four hours or so in I’m really not enjoying it. I really want to, but I’m just not.

        I’m thinking it might be the lack of main quest, as I don’t feel like I have a goal to work towards, so I feel no reason to really explore.

        • It does start a bit slowly, I feel.

          It takes 2 power ups before the movement feels really good (and that’s roughly when you’ll come across the quest/goal as such).

          For me, I just loved the world and wanted to explore as much of it as I could.

          If you haven’t reached the city I’d say try until you get there and see how you feel, but no shame in dropping it.

          Not every game is for every person. 🙂

        • Compared with Ori, I’d say it’s initially more demanding which I guess can be off putting. It’s also got a deliberately frustrating progression style where you go through an area to get ‘something’ which opens up ‘something’ back in completely the opposite direction > you then go as far as you can in that opposite direction which opens up something back the other way… And even further into the game your forced to continuously ‘re-explore’ > I know a lot of gamers don’t like area repetition. The HK world is so brilliantly conceived, I always loved to return to old places… Personally I put Hollow Knight and Dead Cells on another level of Metroidvania. Very rewarding if you stay with them.

        • Games are subjective experiences. It’s more likely that you will enjoy a game which the masses praise but it’s not a guarantee. I have been fooled and pleasantly suprised by community reviews many a time. Personally I love Hollow Knight =D

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