Square-Enix Has Released The “Opening Movie Trailer”for Kingdom Hearts III.


Square-Enix has released the “Opening Movie Trailer” for Kingdom Hearts III. I guess that this is the thing that plays if you let the main menu idle too long? I’m going to be honest, this trailer is really good. And that song!

Created by extremely talented Skrillex and the artist behind every Kingdom Hearts opening – Utada Hikaru. The song is titled ‘Face My Fears’ and is available for pre-order online as of this morning.

The trailer offers a sneak-peek at just what Kingdom Hearts 3 has to offer, linking back to the events of the first game as all being a part of a war that has been ongoing for a long time. Just what this war means for our heroes is still unknown, but we do know this game is going to be amazing.


  • Can anyone explain what’s happening in this trailer? It actually made me less likely to want to purchase.

    • It’s basically an extremely stylized recap of the series so far, or at least the main plot beats; it’s also presumably foreshadowing? or at least the chess piece stuff is. This is just the opening to the game, all of KH’s openings are CGI stuff that are weird to say the least. If you want a better look at the game, I’d recommend like, any of the other trailers lmao, this is more the fanservice-y stuff for the fans.

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