Stardew Valley Gets Multiplayer On The Switch

Very important news for your morning: you can now farm with friends on the Switch.

Eric Barone, developer of Stardew Valley, announced that the 1.3 multiplayer update would roll out to the Switch earlier this morning. The update, which hit PC in early August, adds support for four-player co-op along with a bunch of other features (like hats on horses).

As was the case with the PC version, you can make any existing singleplayer save compatible with co-op by building one or more cabins on the farm through Robin. Alternatively, you can just host a new game and choose whether to have extra cabins pre-positioned on the farm, or further away if you want more space.

Local wireless play is available for the Switch, for those who don't have Nintendo Switch Online or just want to play with someone in the same room. Online voice chat is supported through Nintendo's smartphone app, or you can use the chat box to send coloured messages.

As an FYI for those playing Stardew Valley multiplayer for the first time: all players share the same pool of money, and the entire game world and story progression is shared equally. You have private inventories, however, and you can marry each other.

Outside of the co-op stuff, the 1.3 update also allows you to grow crops indoors with garden pots (handy for winter), along with the ability to change professions.

With the Switch sorted, Barone said his next priority is getting the multiplayer update out for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Stardew Valley.


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