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    I need clan help in Destiny 2. If anyone with mod powers for the TAY clan is about, please help. I am sad and lonely.

      I am sad and lonely Even in Destiny 2?

    Loneliness is all pervasive.

      Because this comment isn't part of the reply tree above it makes it so much more impactful.

    Enjoying RDR2, but I’ve noticed there could be an amazing survival-type game, if only rockstar would make that available.

    Food and clothing all have some minor effects, but hardly enough to really have any impact on the game. Ramp up those effects, enable some more crafting (camp gear, skinning and cooking tools, etc) and it’d be one hell of a survival game. Hope they introduce a survival mode or something similar.

    Man, everyone here seems to be so willing to shit on pokemon let's go.
    Yeah it has motion controls. It's probably easier for kids to pick up that way.
    Adding the 2 player aspect is so parents can share their love of pokemon with their kids.
    Their kids will be able to enjoy something they did.

      I get what they were going for but it's a bit disappointing that the first proper 'console' Pokémon game is a Pokémon Go/Pokémon Yellow mash-up.

        It's an experiment really.
        I like it a lot. I often give up at the Elite four and I feel like this time I will finish it.

          I’m enjoying them a lot, only thing that really irritates is that some of the best ‘mons still have the annoying ‘trade to evolve’ mechanic, only now you have to be a Nintendo online subscriber to even trade (principle rather than price is my point)?

            I assume people will trade to Pokemon Go and level it that way?

              I think you can only trade in one direction (go -> let’s go) which makes it awkward...

              Alakazam & Gengar are my team from gen 1 but both (Haunter & Kadabra) only evolve when traded so guess if i want to live the dream i’ll have to suck it up, subscribe to online and find someone to assist with the trade.

              It’s the only blip on an otherwise really enjoyable thing - even if i owned both games i can’t trade between them unless i have two consoles (and two online subscriptions) which is certainly a backward step from online/link cables/bank on the older handhelds.

                On the upside, Nintendo's subscription is fairly cheap

                  For sure, it’s far from world ending - more a ‘mild inconvenience’.

                  The fact i’m enjoying it as a lapsed Poke-fan & my niece was equally awestruck by it (first time she’d seen/played a pokemon game) when we co-opped makes it all worth every penny.

                  NB: She doesn’t know it yet but I went & bought her a copy of the game & pokeball for her to play; she’s round ours a couple of times a week and she can take the ball with her in between to level a monster so seems a slam-dunk no brainer - should buy me a few ‘cool uncle’ points for a while, although maybe not with her Mom come xmas shopping time! :)

            Mum was asking me about pokemon and I was wondering if I should get her to co-op with me afterwards. Just cause she seems interested. I do like that you can introduce something you love to other people.

              Throw her a joycon I reckon - only one way to find out! :)

                I'll probably ask first. =P But she was watching while we were at the outpatients. Nothing else to do =P

            You can still trade in person without Switch online, just like you could in every previous Pokemon. That's what a friend and I did to get our evos.

        I'm really enjoying it so far. I had stopped playing the mainline Pokemon games as they had become too bloated. They felt like a bit of a chore for me. Let's Go was exactly what they needed. Back to basics.

          I enjoyed X and Y and also Sun and Moon. I like the outfits and being able to change my characters looks as well. I found that grinding was way too much of a chore though

      Let's Go is so much fun. I've been playing since Red/Blue and haven't had this much fun playing any Pokemon game for a very long time. The more recent gens have still been enjoyable but lately, especially gen 7, things have felt like a real chore. Most of the criticisms really just feel like people being upset that the game isn't what they want it to be, rather than actual negative aspects of the games themselves. They're not the best Pokemon games ever but they're very enjoyable.

      The solution would have been so simple, just offer both Go and Traditional mechanics, and a difficulty slider.

        i imagine implementing both systems would require a lot of work. My guess this is them seeing if they should stick with this system for the next game, or change to the traditional one

          I don't really agree with that one, the battle mechanics are already implemented, the items all exist, etc. Levels scale based on %.

          In the scheme of things, absolutely sweet fa work to do.

          But yes, I can see this as being their trial run.

    @alexwalker Probably worth noting that SteamPrices doesn't look to have recognised that our prices are listed in AUD yet, and is showing the old USD price and the new AUD price as using the same currency...

    Source: I bought Sunset Overdrive on Monday from Steam for RRP US$19.99, came to AU$28.58. Current price is AU$28.45. The price history shows a near-50% price increase that didn't actually happen - the currency just changed:

      I saw that in some games as well. Civ VI is listed as USD but the price is the Australian offering, and it rose exactly in line with what I witnessed and screenshotted. The same occurred with Odyssey, which I didn't have a shot of pre-rise, but I definitely saw it and recorded it at the time (as I wrote in the first Steam story today).

      But because of what you mentioned, I was pretty cautious not to go too far with the games I called out, and other users spotting the same changes helps too.

        Sorry, just saw statements in your article like "Spec Ops: The Line ... hasn't had any changes in pricing since the AUD went live" when its price actually dropped by about 37% as a result of going from US$29.95 to AU$29.95; and the graph showing a 30% price rise for AC: Odyssey, when if anything, the price dropped by around US$5 (it was US$69.95, now is roughly US$65 equivalent)...

        I just feel like the SteamPrices graph and the lack of explicit currencies on the prices listed in the article are fanning the flames of a non-issue. The comments preaching the end of buying AAA games on steam seem to be missing the the fact that the prices on a lot of the games they're listing aren't that different to what they were yesterday.

          I meant the price has been the same since it converted over to AUD, not from before today. Odyssey went from 69.95 AUD and then jumped by 20. That's all I was getting at.

            Oh, didn't realise the currency change went live for a while before all the numbers changed. Sorry, I completely misunderstood the situation, and thanks for clarifying. Will be really interested to see what you hear back from the publishers.

    Does anybody else have a problem with starting BIG games?
    I still have ME:A, Witcher 3, RDR2, FC5, JC3, Spiderman on the backlog, with many others.
    Yet, im still playing games, i just start games that i know are relatively short or are more easy to pick up for an hour or two, and put down without it killing any kind of flow.
    I cant even say i have a job as an excuse why i havent played these games, i just look at big time sink games and go "maybe later"

      There's a completionist part to it too. You'd probably have a lot easier time picking up the big games if there wasn't that concern about finishing them. Play something for as long as you enjoy it.

        This is good advice. But I had AC: Origins for about 6 months before I installed it. Took one step out of the starter area, saw the size of the map and just went "no way". Uninstalled and ebayed it off before the end of the week. Did the same with RDR2 as well. The size of the map and the slow pace of the game, the terrible combat handling, the same time wasty bullshit from the GTAs just sealed the deal for me.

      I had this issue, and then I realised that difficulty is what was impacting the time to complete the big single player games. Lowering the difficulty so that I could play, not dies as much and complete the games made it more enjoyable because I got to experience the full story, and not burn out by a hard encounter.

        I do that for a lot of games. Not because I need a lower difficulty, but because I just want entertainment. Getting to a hard part isn't entertaining when it holds you back from just experiencing things, so I happily roll through just to see the story as well.

        If a game is entertaining enough, those harder difficulties are still there for a second playthrough.

          Yeah. I find if I start getting frustrated quickly and I'm not in the mood, enjoyment goes out the window. Sometimes I just want to cruise. But I'm stuck in this stupid 'get gud' mentality where I always crank the difficulty up. I guess I just really want to think I'm better than the average gamer, even though I know I'm not.

            I like the Diablo 3 approach myself. Between having a proper set of gear, and enough paragon points and even alts find it easy to do Torment.

            So you can ramp it up to find that sweet spot where its enough of a challenge for you. If you get to Torment 10 and REALLY want to test yourself, go do rifts.

            Overall, its granular enough that you can find your own comfort zone that's pretty easy to tweak. Then change it with your mood.

              It's weird that you say that man. I'm totally playing D3 right now! I'm only a level 60 so only have access to the 2nd hardest difficulty and I'm quite enjoying the cruise.

              The necromancer expansion is quite cool!

                Never got the necro expansion. My PC blew up on me, and it took me a while to get a replacement happening so was without D3 for nearly a year.

                And since getting back onto PC other things have taken up my time, so D3 has been more random than previously. So what I have there is generally enough, even if I'm waaaaay behind whatever the meta is for the week. I'm happy to just get in, grind a few rifts and move on to some other game.

                Keep meaning to pick it up, just never get around to it.

                  It's cool. Very dark at atmospheric. Apart from that its exactly the same as D3 so you're not missing anything. But worth picking up on special if you're still playing after this long.

                  I'm super random with my play. 1 month on, 3yrs off etc.

                  @rowan I'm just as random. Its the perfect game for me to fill the gap between games if there is one. Get on, fill my lootgrind urge, move on to something else.

                  Problem is, I also have the two Torchlight games, PoE, Wolcen (early access clone, looks good), Van Helsing, Sacred 2, Hellgate London, and Borderlands (all of em, with Handsome Jack edition to mix it up) to fill that same itch, so its a kinda tough choice...

        That's a good idea. And then you can get into the flow, as opposed to being stuck in the 'learning and using mechanics' state.

        Although I find a lot of the enjoyment for Horizon: Zero Dawn for me WAS the difficultly level. You can die easily at any time, so you have to stay on your game. Although with Aiming slow-mo it's actually pretty easy to get out of a situation. But you still feel bad ass when you take something huge down.

        Yep, I used to play games on 'normal' or harder, but these days I just don't have the time and I get plenty of enjoyment out of playing on easy mode, provided there are no penalties in the game for doing so.

        That said, I did finally play through FC5 on 'Infamous' difficulty in New Game + because of my obsession with completion and I simply had to get that...pointless deputy uniform.

    Very much so, i dont like starting games and not finishing them, even if they are 'bad' games.
    My friends are still amazed i finished Dark Void.

    Black Friday deals have begun, what have you picked up so far? I've managed to get a copy of Detroit: Become Human, and Spiderman for $68 so far. Possibly will also buy the necromancer for Diablo 3 on PC

      I got 2 Radeon RX580s delivered for under $500.

      I looked at SD micro cards and found they were all the same price.

    Finding the absolute ruthlessness of journalists over F76 refreshing. I feel like too often outlets let AAA publishers get away with murder out of fear from being black listed.

    NBN finally got installed where I live (Sydney inner west), almost two years after it was initially scheduled. So happy to finally have a stable internet connection after my ADSL2 synced at only half speed and dropped out 20 times a day.

      Fibre to the curb or premise?

        HFC. Consistently 95 down, 35 up both peak and off-peak, so I'm pretty stoked.


          Private arrangement or was there an act of god that caused NBN Co to actually use FttC?

            They only swapped some properties from HFC to FTTC as I understand, I'm fairly sure mine is standard HFC reusing the Optus fibre cables beneath the footpath. I'm in an apartment building so the curb-to-building part was done a few months ago, basically only needed them to run the cable into the apartment itself for this install.

          As a fellow denizen of the Inner West, who has seen five "expected availability dates" come and go over the past few years... dare I dream? :'D

            I hope so! What are they currently quoting for you?

              Well, atm... "February." They've not even started deploying in my street yet, tho I see people working in the pits every morning on nearby streets... won't be getting my hopes up until I'm literally connected, tbh.

                Yeah, I get that. Mine was scheduled for availability in January 2017 initially. Only just got it now at the end of November 2018.

                Still, I hope it does come in the next few months for you, I was tearing my hair out with 10/0.5 sync rate and 20-30 dropouts a day on ADSL, despite being so close to the exchange. Telstra refused to fix it.

                  Just heard form the REA - electricians will be installing the new NBN ports in my apartment building over the next few days. Still no ETA on connection, but it's the first actual sign I've seen that something's happening, so... progress.

                  @os42 That's a good sign. I think it was only a month or two after they installed the junction box at my building that I started getting letters in the mail saying it was available.

    Got offered a job on the Cook Islands today. Freaking out, the experience to work in an island paradise is awesome, but taking a serious pay cut, especially superannuation wise. And owning a house in Australia would probably have to wait until I'm 40 (30 now).


      That's cool man! If it was me, I'd be comparing the money I'm not going to make to the experience that I'm going to get from it.

      And you never know. You might hate it and be back to the mainland in under 6 months anyway? And if you stay, it's cos you really love it.

      Still awesome to get the offer. They want you. That's nice.

      Having passed up on a couple of offers, I'd suggest going for it. When everythings said and done, you're a summary of your experiences, and having an experience like that is one that couldn't be taken away from you.

      And given where house prices are going at the moment, I don't think a couple of years will hurt you anyway. Also consider that living there is probably a lot cheaper (I'm assuming there) so you should be able to save more.

      With super, being 30 should mean you have a pretty solid base. What you add to it now means less and less as that capital amount starts taking over. At 25, adding $3k to a $10k balance means a lot, but at 30, adding $3k to a $30k balance not so much.

      Random numbers, but what it means is that as you get older, YOUR contributions become a smaller and smaller percentage of the total, so have less impact. Don't sweat it. If worried, pump an extra 1 or 2% in when you get back to a more normal job and you'll catch the difference up pretty fast.

      I took a one year working holiday that ended up being six years long, helped me travel the world, gave me amazing experiences, and allowed me to meet my wife.

      If you can travel to a cool place to do a cool thing, you should do it.

    Hey. I just got to work and the soundtrack for Deus Ex: HR (Human Resources) starts pumping on my phone.

    Just wanted to yell out across the internet that, that was a damn fine game. Probably one of the high points of the last 10 years for me. Yeah. Can't believe it's 7 years old. It wasn't just the world it was set in. It was the story. The sequel was a major let down for me but HR? It was amazing.

    It, TLOU and Street Fighter IV were probably the most recent games that had the biggest affect on me. Just, class acts that are hard to follow.

      I remember saving up the bombs? - what were they called again - and just dropping four in one hit to finish one of the boss fights in five seconds.

      And using the laser rifle to finish the end boss fight in about the same amount of time.

      That game was a blast.

        It really stayed true to it's philosophy. If you'd upgraded all your rifle stats, that thing was an insta-death weapon.

        And the music. The music! Production values all round were pretty nice except for some weirdly low-res cinematics. They should've done those in engine. But yeah. That was a great time.

    Is it just me, or does that Anki robot look like a big, black scary spider.
    It's movements are spider-like too, especially the 'fist bump'.
    If they made it in various colours it might look less scary, but that thing coming out of the dark with its eyes glowing would scare the crap out of me when I got home from work.

    It is possible that my pc is dead. Or my power board is dead. Or my psu is dead.
    I'm gonna just paint instead.

      Might even be your GPU...

        Recently upgraded the graphics card so psu is more likely

          Probably. I've just found over the years that it can be surprising things that bust your machine.

          A while ago a busted GPU meant the POST couldnt start as it had nothing to run the output through. So it looked like a busted PSU when it wasnt.

          On the plus side, I ended up with a spare PSU.

            This one, I press button, nothing happens. No noise, no nothing.

            Checked the psu, and the gpu and the motherboard. Everything was fine, it was a loose plug -_-

              Great to hear it was something basic, and hence cheap :)

              As I said, I've had surprising things be the reason over the years. Loose connection included.

              Its been drivers more than once, though those have at least seen a boot up. But HDD drivers that werent compatible with Win 10 stuffed me once (and the ones that worked were well hidden), as have USB drivers for some reason.

                Computer troubleshooting is the worst.

    Brief update on things happening this week.

    I've just come out of a Smash preview today and finished writing my *lengthy* thing on the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti. Talking 4000+ words here, so please be patient. That'll go up tomorrow. Smash I haven't written, but I'll work on that when I can throughout the week.

    I'll also be doing a quick preview of the Resi Evil 2 remaster tomorrow. No word on when the embargo is, but if you have any questions or things you'd like me to look out for while I'm playing, let me know.

      Keen to hear about Smash. EIGHT DAYS TO GO
      You probably wouldn't have thought to look/ask for it without being prompted beforehand, but any idea of Snake got new codec lines for the new characters? It's sounding like a no, that they just reused the Brawl ones, but that might be trolling/disinfo.

        No idea. Wasn't any time to focus on stuff like that with the content I was playing.

    Have finally tried Battlefield with bfv, normally i would be offput by the initial launch price or late to the party.

    Have played thousands of hours of planetside 2 and am finding the game very similar.

    Dont see what all the negative reviews are about im having a great time.

    Apologies if it's already been mentioned but I had 2 dodgy charges from "steamgames" halted on my credit card last night. My bank stopped them so that's good, and they are sending us new cards. Did anyone else get this? I have a Steam account but I don't have my c/c details stored on it. We're talking about $600 all up.

    Last edited 30/11/18 1:10 pm

      I'd check your steam and change the password just in case. But sounds like isolated just your credit card hopefully. And now that you have new ones that's a lot safer.

    My daughter is getting a Switch for Xmas along with Mario Odyssey, what other must-haves are there for the switch, games or peripherals.
    She grew up on the NDS and Wii, she isn't really into Zelda, but liked most NDS games.
    Any suggestions?

      Grab an eShop card. There's a lot of good online games, but be careful, there is also a lot of trash.
      Mario party would be good.
      Pokemon Let's go is great.
      Just dance
      Sushi Strikers is quite good too. There's a lot of demos as well on the eshop. Download some.
      Portal knights is really good.
      I would also say splatoon. Lots of kids seem to enjoy it, but you'll need the nintendo subscription.

        Thanks. I should have specified her age, she is 18.
        I’m thinking maybe a pro controller or two.

          Scree’s suggestions are great. Also maybe look at the 8bitdo controllers as well. Personally I prefer theirs over the Nintendo ones and they work with any platform as well and get a good amount of updates. Given they are a bit older I would add transistor, dead cells, hollow knight, limbo, and doom/wolfenstein if they haven’t played them already. Dead cells and super Mario Odyssey have so far gotten more hours played for me. Dead cells at least a hundred hours.

          Oh, that changes the list a lot

            Yeah, I should have popped the age in at the start!

              Those are still great games though

      If getting mario party, you will need another two joycons for 4 player.

      It's a bit of an odd suggestion but I've been having fun with Just Dance lately. It's sort of like Guitar Hero but with awful music. The demo is pretty upfront.

        The girls used to love Dance Central on the Xbox, I'll check it out.

    Strange but true. It uses a single joycon per player so you have two player out of the box. I'm really liking that there's no fail screen, so when I inevitably decide to get right up in my girlfriends face it doesn't stop the game. It ruins her score but we still get to play the entire song.
    My girlfriend has some friends over and even though they sucked at it everyone got to have fun playing a full song or two.

    The only real issue I have with it is that it has a subscription service with a ton of songs from the previous games. There are plenty of tracks on the 2019 game but it doesn't always feel like it because when you're looking at the final line of songs on the menu you can see a huge page of songs with the Just Dance Unlimited icon on them. It's a massive tease.

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