Telling Stories About A Decaying Small Town With Cities: Skylines

Telling Stories About A Decaying Small Town With Cities: Skylines

YouTuber TazerHere has created a sleepy Texas town called Berrysville in immaculate detail, but what really makes it unique is that it is chock full of stories created by community members.

In a playlist of 11 build videos, TazerHere has built up the small town of Berrysville in immaculate miniature detail. It is an astounding piece of work that clearly required a lot of mods and particular model choices, and the final product is a place that looks (uncannily, I might add) a lot like many small town locations in the American Southwest.

In the final video for the series, TazerHere does some cinematic flythroughs of Berrysville while reading some of the short stories about the town’s denizens that have been written by viewers of the videos. As TazerHere explains in the playlist decription,

Berrysville is a small American town that’s inspired by places along route 66 in Texas. The main focus is to capture the feeling of a present town that was bustling in the 30s, 40s and 50s when the route 66 was used, but now is suffering from the lack of traffic going through the town. The absence of traffic on the route made some of the motels, gas stations and stores go out of business. Now the town has a lot of old abandoned motels, gas stations and stores and the town is barely staying alive.

All of the stories are about how the town transitioned from that bustling activity into a decayed, rusting hulk, and they’re pretty excellent. They are mostly short, poetic stories that range in style, but they are all about the past. They explain how things came to run down, how the rot of time worked here, and they have a melancholy tone that I enjoyed quite a bit.

From build to narrative to cinematic direction, the Berrysville videos have everything I’m looking for in a Skylines video.


  • I swear I run Cities on full, maximum detail, get over 60fps on mine, running a 1070 card, 32gb ram… and I swear to god mine doesn’t look anywhere near that good.

  • Waiting for Communities. A new game from Paradox that imports towns from skylines and plays like a Paradox version of sims.

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