The Art Of Battletech

Image: Mike McCain

Battletech, a new turn-based tactics game based on the classic tabletop series, is pretty damn good! It helps that the game looks gorgeous, courtesy of some gorgeous 2D art and chunky mech models.

This story originally appeared in May 2018. With the year coming to a close, it's been retimed as part of our annual roundup of highlighting the best and brightest of games from the past 12 months.

Battletech Is Pretty Good

Released on PC last week, Battletech is a new strategy/tactics game by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun). In the absolute simplest terms, it's kinda like XCOM, only you're in control of some giant lumbering mechs.

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So let's showcase some of that by featuring the work of the team's artists. Below you'll see examples from throughout Battletech's development, from concept and marketing art through to the 3D models you stomp around the battlefield in.

You'll find links to each artist's portfolio in their names.

Mike McCain

Joel DuQue

Jenn Ravenna

Maury Weiss

Marco Mazzoni

Ben Zweifel

Victoria Passariello

Lee Scheinbeim

Liok Bramoullé

Lisa Heidhoff


    Much of that art really evokes the style of the tabletop game’s rule books. Very well done by the artists.

    I love the new designs, but I kinda miss the shorts and singlet attire of mechwarriors. Hey, those mechs get waaaaaaarm.

    While I love the new game it's sadly lacking any sort of urban combat

    I love how HBS never credited PGI for the mech models.

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