The Best Disney Things To Rewatch On Stan

The Best Disney Things To Rewatch On Stan

In what might be the network’s best deal yet, Stan has signed an exclusive content deal with Disney. The fruits of that labour went live today; here’s some of the best things to enjoy again.


The opening act of WALL-E is still, for my money, one of the smartest bits of animation ever produced. It showed you could talk to kids in the environment of a film without the constant barrage of exposition, jokes or visual gags. The second act of the movie is well below Pixar’s best, like the Toy Story movies or Monsters Inc., but the artistry of those first 45 minutes are still well worth it.



I agree with Luke that Ratatouille isn’t the best Pixar movie by any stretch, but it’s more consistently enjoyable than WALL-E or Up for my liking. If you’re a fan of all things cooking, that automatically bumps Ratatouille up in the list, although there’s better recipes to remake from the movie than the final signature dish.

(Not saying that it’s bad, there’s just better – and easier – things to make. Especially if you don’t have a gas stovetop.)

Star Wars: Rebels

The Best Disney Things To Rewatch On StanImage: Disney

The best Star Wars thing Disney has touched since the LucasArts buyout, hands down. Similar to how Avatar started as a very kids-first show before becoming darker and more complex, Rebels matures into what is one of the best uses of the Star Wars IP since the Jedi Knight games and Knights of the Old Republic. The only downside is that Stan only has the first season, although hopefully that gets expanded soon. 15 episodes is plenty to get started with, however.

Black Panther

The Best Disney Things To Rewatch On Stan

Easily one of the best superhero movies this year, and one of the best in Stan’s Disney offering with Avengers: Infinity War not on the table.

Toy Story 3

The Best Disney Things To Rewatch On Stan

The pinnacle of the trilogy, with an outstanding ending and a level of wit that still holds up 8 years later. A very high bar for Toy Story 4 to beat (which is due out next year).



A movie about a boy who tries to become a musician by travelling to the Land of the Dead, Coco is ultimately a tale about never letting go and holding onto family. A worthy Oscar winner with some lovely music throughout, although prepare for some tears if you missed it when it hit theatres.

Monsters Inc.


One of the best Pixar movies ever made, full stop, although I would hesitate to say it’s the best thing Pixar’s ever made. But it’s eminently rewatchable. The hair is still a true visual delight as well, especially coming from video games where turning on Hairworks grinds most PCs to a halt.


The Best Disney Things To Rewatch On Stan

Still one of the best intro songs, and a fantastic reimagining of the original series in its own right.

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The Best Disney Things To Rewatch On Stan

Requisite watching, with the live-action remake set to drop some time next year. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that might turn out real well. Either way, the original Disney movie was one of the studio’s best musicals from the ’90s.

The Chinese legend was heavily Westernised, much to the distaste of the Chinese audience, but if you can put the discrepancies with the real Hua Mulan tales aside, the film still holds up well today. It’s worth noting that Sony Pictures are doing their own live-action adaptation of the Hua Mulan legend, as opposed to Disney who are remaking their own film, which is due out in 2020 some time.

To view the full list of Stan’s Disney content, head here. What would you like to see on the platform?


  • I like Stan as much as anyone who has subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, Stan, CrunchyrRoll, AnimeHub, Prime, YouTube Premium, 10 All Access, and … oh my god I’m just paying for cable tv again but in a more difficult format….

    Anyway, could we get a disclaimer that Kotaku is owned by Allure Media which is owned by Fairfax which is owned by Nine, who also own Stan?

    Since there seem to be way more Stan posts than before, I dunno, maybe it would be ethical to have a disclaimer.

    • This is a pure editorial thing. Everyone went with the news of the content deal yesterday, and I thought it might be more helpful to link out to the content that’s available. I hear what you’re saying, but this was conceived and put together entirely from my end.

      • That is fair enough, and I don’t mean to imply that there is anything untoward occurring.
        I dunno, perhaps a disclaimer on every post mentioning stan is overkill, and maybe the distance between Nine and Kotaku means that there isn’t a problem anyway.

        For real though, between my partner and my kids, I literally have 6 different streaming services and can we talk about how insane this is getting crazy.

    • I had the exact same though yesterday as my wife signed up to Prime, our seventh subscription. I don’t even have time to watch enough content on each service to make it worthwhile if I’m being totally honest. Between that and my gaming backlog, I’ve become the worst kind of consumer 🙁

      • I have been slack in doing this, but typically i find a series or something I want to watch, and unsub the other providers until i’m done since you aren’t locked in.
        There is a decent website – – which is basically a TV Guide for pay TV.
        Since I have watched most of what I want on Netflix I may unsub that for now and watch a bit of Stan

        • I’ve considered doing this in the past, but it often seems like too much effort to plan what I want to watch potentially months in advance.
          Plus there are the awful edge cases like the CW DC shows, which are doing a crossover series of episodes, but the only service that provides all of those shows is Foxtel, and they ask too much as a base price for me to really care about them.

      • At least Prime gives you something other than streaming media. But yeah, it’s getting out of hand, especially with software subscriptions becoming increasingly popular. I think we’ll eventually come to a point where it’s harder to justify and the value proposition has to increase to keep people subbed.

        Like I watch a lot of YouTube so ad free YT with Google Play Music was a great sub.

  • Its very interesting this deal was made with Stan and Disney. I assumed Disney + was coming to Australia since they removed all the Disney Netflix movies once they expired (new ones come from time to time, like Guardians 2 is still on there and missing on Stan), but unless this deal is for a year and a half, I will disappointed if we miss out.
    ONLY because the catalogue seems to be segmented TV show wise due to Foxtel, Duck Tales, Star Wars rebels and more only have 1 or 2 seasons, which I assume is because Foxtel still has the rights (either via Disney Channel or just Foxtel paying to keep them).

    I assumed once Disney + came, they would fight to keep the shows concurrent on Foxtel/Disney +, but on Stan, we get the delay.

    However I am extremely happy with the deal outside of that, since it means one less service to subscribe to IF they keep the content coming (aka the Disney + exclusives and such). ALl the MCU movies (minus the sony and Hulk ones and Infinity War, which I swear was promoted on there ads before the service launched) and Pixar/Disney on Stan, freaking perfect.

  • Is this a sign that Disney might be treating Stan as a local partner for its own streaming service, in an “anyone but Netflix” fashion?

      • Presumably it is on a relatively short renewal period though, in case Disney changes their mind and wants to enter the Australian market. Alternatively, I wouldn’t put it past them to just buy Stan outright.

    • I made the same assumption.
      Pull the Disney content from Netflix but sell licenses to national streaming services who can’t and don’t compete with international services.
      Essentially use smaller services to claw back some of the market position held by Netflix and use partnership deals to avoid having to build the infrastructure in smaller markets.

  • Oh they have the new Ducktales series? Might give that one a look.

    And yeah, Monsters Inc is one of my face Pixar films ever (that’s a pic from Monster U tho btw ;)).

    Rebels is also well worth it, though I didn’t know they only had season 1. Using that picture for it though is very spoilery for something quite a few seasons later though… Just saying!

  • To view the full list of Stan’s Disney content, head here. You should probably let people know you need a subscription to view the link.

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