The Best Picks From PlayStation's PS+ Deals

If you haven't added to your Pile of Shame in a while, and you'd rather not deal with the hassle of physical retail, there's some nice bargains on PSN right now.

The best discounts are only available for existing PlayStation Plus subscribers, although some discounts are available to all PlayStation users globally. You can click on the links below to follow through to the individual store listings, but you'll need to be logged into your PlayStation account to see the price written underneath.

There's also some decent price drops on games for all users:

Tons of great picks in there - DiRT Rally is an absolute steal at that price, Mortal Kombat X is worth it just for the campaign given how cheap it is, and there's a ton of great RPGs for cheap. Wolfenstein: The New Order is a must-play for $9, I reckon.


    Yeah, there’s some good stuff. However, the last couple of years they seem to release the sale items in 2-3 batches. Some of the deals they added after Xmas last year were way better. Might wait.

      Yeah, PS usually do another set of sales from Boxing Day and over the New Year. Some big ticket items get a haircut, but on smaller games the prices usually don't change.

        Yeah fair point. Took a quick look. Definitely getting Lost Legacy (finally). But damn, those post Xmas sales usually have me swapping my litany of JB Hifi vouchers for PSN cards :)

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