Battlefield 5 Players 'Die Too Often/Too Quickly', So Developers Are Fixing It

Image: EA

Briefly: The developers of Battlefield V are looking into rebalancing the game's time-to-kill and time-to-death. In a post on the game's official Reddit, the devs wrote: "We're seeing players die too often/too quickly and get frustrated because of it. So, we're looking at how we can improve the experience for new players and veterans alike." While there are some slight weapon tweaks in the newest patch, there is no current timeline for extensive rebalancing.


    Seems pretty realistic to me. War never changes.

    This is so misleading. Dice have specifically stated that they are not changing TTK. They are looking into factors around TTD which MAY change peoples perceptions about TTK without actually changing TTK.

    Also who is this article for?
    If someone is interested in changes to core elements of BFV, surely they would want more detailed -dare I say correct- information.

      Where does it say they are changing it?
      I only see them say TTK and TTD are being rebalanced, which seems to be a quote from the official statement, based on have link.

      Oh and I guess this article is to point folks toward the official statement to get all the information.....which means they don't need to share every piece of information?

        Yeah... I had a kneejerk reaction to the article headline thinking that there was some new information I didn't know about when it was just a single paragraph with a link to pseudo-patch notes that I had seen already.

        Coupled with that I'd seen a number of tweets/posts/videos prior to this about people flippin out about hypothetical TTK changes.

        Out of curiosity, was Where does it say they are changing it? aimed at me or the article?

    I wish they'd do something to balance out the aeroplanes. There's basically no way for infantry to take them down except maybe with a lucky shot from a rocket. Even the AA guns are damn near useless against them. The only thing that has a chance is another plane - anybody on the ground is pretty much defenceless. Had a guy go 92-0 the other night in a plane - that shouldn't be happening.

      agree. you'd think they'd have learnt from previous bf games.

        Hell, you'd think they'd have learned just from playtesting this one.

          You poor soul... Have you not yet realised that paying customers are the playtesters now?

    I am. Veteran bf player love bf5 but died more in this game than any other game snipers feast on most players than any other class hope it all improves

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