The Gizmodo Office Got A Robot Sidekick For The Day

The Gizmodo Office Got A Robot Sidekick For The Day

We love a bit of extra help here in the Gizmodo Australia office, so we were pretty excited to welcome Vector the robot to the team.

The latest innovation from Anki, Vector is sure to be on a lot of Christmas wish lists this year, so we set him the ultimate test of surviving a day with us.

Brought to you by Vector from Anki, the new robot that can see, hear, feel, think, communicate and self-charge – just like a personal robot should. Alexa integration coming in early 2019.

Watch the video above now to see what happened when Vector joined the team!

Vector is a tiny robot companion who reacts to the world around him. Packed with just as much personality as tech, his fun and curious nature brings him to life as the ultimate sidekick.

We played a very competitive game of Blackjack, had Vector take our photo with the HD camera and even said our goodbyes with a fist bump.

But it wasn’t all fun and games – Vector also helped us be more productive.

He answered some big questions, such as converting Japanese Yen into Australian Dollars, and even kept us updated on the weather outside while we were busy breaking tech news.

We also tested his navigation system, which helps him avoid objects and falling off edges.

Plus, when he runs out of battery, Vector automatically returns home to charge!

That was our day checking out Vector’s features. He’s an intelligent, independent little fellow and has Alexa support coming in early 2019.

Vector is on sale now at JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Australian Geographic.