The Internet Reacts To The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Poster

Image: Sonic The Hedgehog, Paramount Pictures

The poster for the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie had been released, and I just wanna say, “LMAO?”

What’s up with Sonic’s jacked, humanoid legs? What’s up with his strangely delicate fingers? Why does he look like he’s posing nude? This poster has certainly piqued my curiosity, along with the rest of the internet. The reaction isn’t wholly positive.

In fact, it appears mainly to be apprehension, confusion, and outright fear.


    “From the producer of The Fast and the Furious”?!

    Sonic: I live my life a hundred rings at a time.

    I'm just bemused that this movie is even being made. Does Sonic even have any currency anymore? Does anyone born after 1990 even care?

    Looks like Sonic the Hedgehog to me. What were you expecting, exactly?

      something that looks like the proportions of sonic the hedgehog.

      Personally, I was expecting Sonic the Hedgehog. It didn't disappoint me either.

        Personally I was expecting Big the Cat but Shadow the Hedgehog isn't too big a disappointment.

    The slander on Twitter is everything, my favourite was someone saying that they'd only watch it if it were Vin Diesel painted blue with a Sonic headpiece to match.

    Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, in this universe will ever be revealed and not immediately SHAT on by the internet. It is an electronic expression of humanity's impotent outrage.
    I could make a post announcing that everyone in the world was going to receive a nice shiny gold brick and 'The Internet Reacts' would be:
    "OMG not shiny enough"
    "It's to heavy, I wanted... XYZ"
    "No we all have one it is worthless, my snowflake syndrome is playing up"
    "Where's my platinum?"
    "Gold is a symbol of XYZ oppression"

    We have things that never change (pretty much the design and look of everything since the 90's, except some electronics/technology) and things that do change get raged at.

    Why am I typing this?

      Gold is a chemically inert metal with an arbitrary value assigned to it because it is semi rarely found in the earth's crust. It is useful in making circuitry though.

      Giving a gold brick to everyone would lower it's value. Probably? Depends if the gold brick is being created (which we do have the technology to do) or existing gold bars are redistributed. But the Dollar hasn't been based off a gold stanard for a very long time and an item having more value based on artificial scarcity is one of the stupidest things capitalism encourages so who really cares.

      ok.... umm.... granted.... BUT.... sonic looks like a human... thats not taking source material and applying artistic flare, thats taking the source material, probing it, taking a piss on it, then setting it on fire... assuming the piss is flamable after a nights worth of drinking.

        I wouldn't say the poster looks human. Vaguely humanoid at best. Considering it's a silhouette where you can make out bugger all detail and it's using forced perspective about the only judgment you could make is that it doesn't appear to be wearing gloves, maybe the arms are a little longer and less cartoony.

        Maybe after there are some screen caps of the character in decent lighting and detail then we can make a call.

          ok look... ill reserve my judgement till i see some proper renderings but from what i can make out at the moment, his body is way too human. this at least you can make out unmistakably from the silhouette.

          curious whats going on with his eyes, hands and hamstrings however, lol...

    Plot twist: he's a were-hedgehog.

    Yeah im getting sonic the were-hog vibes from this

    This looks like his freaky were-hedgehog form from that one game, sonic has had designs this fucking before in canon you know

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