The Russo Brothers Have Mastered Avengers 4 Trolling

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The Russo brothers appeared on stage at the Game Awards to make a Thanos joke and give an award to Fortnite. Their appearance at the Game Awards was promoted.


Nobody forgot!

When Joe and Anthony Russo appeared on stage, people got excited. People thought it meant an Avengers 4 trailer or at least Avengers game footage would be shown.

And then…

However, after that, the lights went down suddenly.

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People expecting Avengers were disappointed.

People who like Smash Bros. and Persona were not disappointed. But…

We finally did get the trailer though.

Avengers 4 Is Titled Avengers: Endgame And Here Is The Debut Trailer

Finally, the wait is over. This is the trailer for the next Avengers film. It's titled Avengers: Endgame and will be out next April. Well, what do you think?

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  • The marvel films became an incredibly cynical money grab a LONG time ago. How are people still so excited about these things?

        • Filmed here, full of aussies and kiwis, references the castle, namedrops holdens, everyone drinks CUB tallies…

          It’s pretty Australian.

          • I wouldnt classify it as an Australian film though. A kiwi directed it, it had aussie and kiwi actors. Doesnt make it an Australian film. Is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales a Australian film? it was filmed on the GC?

            It detracts from actual good Aussie films out there.

            Just to name a few

            Son of a Gun
            Sweet Country
            Mystery Road

            I love Marvel films but to say its the best Aussie movie in years is not accurate. Support Aussie/Kiwi films. If you havent checked out any of the above movies do your self a favor and check our Rover. Even Breath is up there as well.

  • But, why?
    Some will say it’s harmless fun, but it’s only really fun for the Russo’s.
    Do they have such contempt for their fans?

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