Tumblr’s New Algorithm Thinks Garfield Is Explicit Content

Tumblr’s New Algorithm Thinks Garfield Is Explicit Content
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Yesterday, Tumblr announced that it will ban all adult content starting December 17th. As users logged into their accounts, they have seen that some of their posts now have a red banner across them, marking them as flagged for explicit content. The problem is, a lot of these posts are hilariously far from being pornographic.

It’s pretty clear that these flags are being done based on an algorithm, and the algorithm is finding false positives. Here’s a list of things that got flagged: a fully clothed woman, a drawing of a dragon, fan-art of of characters from the anime Haikyu!!, art from the children’s book The Princess Who Saved Herself that the author of said book posted, a drawing of a bowl of fruit with mouths, a video of abstract blurs, Garfield.

I am sure that some porn got flagged as well, but a lot of what the algorithm flagged doesn’t look very “explicit.”

Oh, and here’s an image that was not flagged. This one’s not safe for work, if you can believe it.

Out of curiosity, I hopped on my own, barely used Tumblr to see what, if anything was flagged. This reblog was.


This wasn’t.


Getting rid of the porn bots and pedophilia is a good move for Tumblr’s parent company and investors. Their algorithm could use some work, though.


  • Given that this is an article about nudity and porn being removed from tumblr don’t you think it would of been appropriate to put a “contains nudity” disclaimer on the article.

      • Ah, the obligatory “I’m not personally a prude, but WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN” post.

        • How is it prudish to say a NSFW disclaimer on the article is relevant, I even wrote a second post saying that I like tits but that posting the nudity here isn’t being ironic.

        • Also let’s just touch on the whole being a prude for a second, the nudity in question is considered “Art” or a “performance piece” at which point does the line blur where nudity and “art” can’t coexist?

          For one person it would just be nudity with no artistic virtue whatsoever, for someone else you could paint yourself purple stand naked in King George Square and call it a performance piece

    • It should have been there as a matter of fact. Having that kind of content suddenly pop up on your screen unintentionally can cause workplace problems. NSFW was coined for a reason.

  • Who wants to take bets on how long this whole no porn thing lasts? They’ll either step their fascist policing back or people will find workarounds.

  • Tumblr’s New Algorithm Thinks Garfield Is Explicit Content

    But Garfield is explicit. Explicitly silly. X-P

  • The funny thing is that the official announcement they made on tumblr was flagged for a while as well.

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