Video Game Music Performed With Steel Drums Has Changed My Life

Video Game Music Performed With Steel Drums Has Changed My Life
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I’m not the kind of person who enjoys covers of video game songs. The Sonic The Hedgehog theme is just fine the way it is, thank you. But now I have encountered Steeldrumband’s recompositions of classic video game music on YouTube, and I might have to change my whole position.

According to their website, Steeldrumbands are a group of steel drum band performers who work around the United Kingdom. They’re available for Caribbean themed events, weddings, and team building exercises. “Versatile and available in different sizes from a soloist to a sextet,” they explain, “we can adjust to fit any space and budget.”

They’re also very, very good at playing video game music on steel drums. The arrangements for the instruments by Francis Mundangepfupfu really are amazing. I mean, watch and listen to this “fight medley” from Final Fantasy VII:

Right? RIGHT?! There’s something about the steel drum that just makes everything pop for me. I want that to just be the music. There’s still time, Square-Enix. You can do the entirety of the Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack with steel drums.

Of course, I had to dig into the back catalogue of these steel drummers, and I was not disappointed even a little bit.

You can get to know the crew a little bit and hear some Wii music alongside the Super Mario Bros. theme:

Want to hear the damn Zelda theme played in such a smooth and perfect way that you wonder what you’ve done with your life?

I don’t know how to play the steel drum, and I don’t think I’ve ever even touched one, but I promise you that if I could go back in time and learn how to play this beautiful instrument that I would.

If you’re not consumed by your lack of steel drum playing (like I am), you can also watch them do a “live soundtrack” for Super Mario Bros. 3. That’s right. The steel drum can kick arse in realtime.

My skin is clear. All my debt has been abolished. I look up at the stars at night with hope in my heart. Video game music via the steel drum has truly changed my life.