Video Game-Themed Twists On The 'Scared To Moan' Joke

Sex is weird, and sometimes funny. A late entry to 2018's internet joke canon proves that.

I’m not sure how this meme originated, but in the final days of the year, it’s all over my twitter timeline. It consists of writing the phrase, “Y’all scared to moan during sex? I be all in my girl’s ear like...” and then a video. The Daily Dot reported that, supposedly, this tweet from Brad Jordan was the first.

Other people have since latched onto this joke, inserting usually a clip of screeching animals or a something from a KPop group’s vocalisations, which you are now forced to think of as sex noises. It’s comedy gold.

Video games and anime are full of weird voice acting a-plenty, so video game fans have taken a new spin on this joke.

If you are actually afraid to make noises during sex, don’t be. Showing your partner how much fun you’re having, even if you make a weird sound, is all part of the fun. Plus, nothing you do could ever be weirder than the jokes composed above.


    I don't make any noises during sex.
    Because my victims can identify me if I do.

    I'm stuck in bed with a terrible flu and this made me laugh out loud so thanks ????

    Fantastic, now I'm going to waste hours of my life rewatching three j-pop stars screaming. I'm so glad I live alone

    When a guy moans during sex... omg I find that so fecking sexy -what a turn on!

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