Warhammer 40,000 Is Getting An Animated Series

Earlier this year we got a surprisingly neat live-action short film that provided an intimate look into the world of the Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines. The same director has now gotten an even bigger task: an all-new WH40K animated series.

Games Workshop has announced that Richard Boylan, maker of the Helsreach fan film and the Guardsman live-action WH40K short, will be heading up production on an animated series called Angels of Death.

The new series will follow a band of Blood Angels Space Marines as they combat the Black Rage, a battle against insanity that the Bloog Angels picked up following the death of Primarch Sanguinius in the Battle of Terra.

The full series is due out next year, and you can view a teaser for the series below.

There's no word on what services Angels of Death will be made available through, but we'll keep you posted as more news comes to light.


    I read that title and desperately hoped that the childrens books were being adapted. Nothing sounds more amazing than having to explain flayed ones to children.

      Also having to explain how one of the main characters is a traitor who turn his back on the Emperor.

    a battle against insanity that the Bloog Angels picked upNow I want this animated series to be a wacky comedy about the Bloog Angels, a company of Blood Angels that had a few things go wrong during their genetic modification resulting in a squad of Space Marines that aren't quite all there.

      Bloog Angels sound like Orks who had bad germinations and idolise Space Marines, naming their clans after the squads.

        I'm very tempted to draw one of Commander Keen 6's Bloogs in power armour

          To quote Arnie in The Predator: "Do it! Do it now!"

    I'd be excited but they picked the wrong chapter. Dark Angels would be much better. Hunting the Fallen is way more interesting than trying not to go crazy.

    Look on the bright side folks. For once it's not the smurfs as the centrepiece

      While I agree with Ultrafatigue, the Boring Angels have already occupied way too much attention in pretty damn near all the video games. I'd totally be up for some Dark Angels, though.

        My dudes the angry bois or pain gluv bruvs deserve some spot light.

        I think they wanted to focus on loyalists for this one.

        Heretics season 2?

          But... the Dark Angels WERE loyalists. Just very emo ones with a 'Dark Secret'(tm).

    I think the setup of the short might work better as a starting point for a series. You start with your regular human Imperial Guardsmen as your relatable audience proxy, then start introducing weirder shit like your genetically engineered supermen, sentient mushrooms and space elves.

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