We Finally Know Which Film Franchise Is Better As 20,000 Jedi Battle 3000 T-Rexes

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It hasn't raked in as much cash as all the Star Wars films have, but with five movies in the series (and a sixth on the way), Jurassic Park stands as one of the biggest Hollywood franchises of all time. But which one is truly superior? The only way to really find out is to simulate an epic battle between 20,000 Jedi Knights and 3000 hungry T-rexes.

YouTuber SergiuHellDragoonHQ is back again with another attempt to bring peace and civility to the internet by giving one fan base the opportunity to feel superior to another.

I guess when I stop and think about it, that might actually exacerbate the problem exponentially... but what's really important here is, thanks to a PC game called Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, I finally get to see the universe's most revered warriors battle Earth's most fearsome predator, which is a film crossover that will never, ever happen.


    And as all the commenters have said. The simulation is absolute nonsense.

      They need to be able to simulate that one swing of a lightsaber could take off a T-Rex’s leg/ head/ tiny arm etc

        ^ This. Except they didn't. So the whole thing is moot.

        An arm, maybe... we never saw a lightsaber's effectiveness against the Rancor, so one can't say for sure what cutting power they have on larger beasts.

          In Episode I they stuck them in blast doors without much problem.

    Are we going to have articles every time the US writers decide to play Ultimate Epic battle simulator?

    I mean it was okay the first 1 or 2 times. But this is just a frankly low-quality article.

    This is shaping up to be the most controversial Kotaku post of the year.

    The panning shot of the Jedi at the start just looks like a giant rave party, complete with glowsticks... which makes Duel of the Fates' absence even worse.

    'The Force can have a strong influence on the weak minded'

    That's literally Force 101.. So couldn't the Jedi have made what is conceivably some of the 'dumbest creatures' ever to just, I dunno, go to sleep, attack each other, stand still while they sliced their legs off?

    Were the Sith merely replaced by dinosaurs here, or am I thinking of a different video?

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