What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Games are great any day of the week, but sometimes you just need extra time to unlock everything.

That's what I'll be doing over the weekend: unlocking as much as possible in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I didn't grow up with a Gamecube or Nintendo 64, so I didn't have Smash as a kid, and I've got a ton of catching up to do. I'm also looking forward to seeing how Battlefield 5 holds up now that the improvements to ray tracing performance has rolled out (after a slight delay).

What are you playing this weekend?


    Have started Persona 5, which is super awesome so far!

    Interspersing that with The Council, which is OK but hasn't really grabbed me yet.

    Still grinding Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita, with some Miku Project Diva f 2nd on the side.

    I saw Shadow of The Tomb Raider has got a free demo. I am now tempted since I recently got an xbox one x. So might try that since I have always been a tomb raider fan but have been holding back due to the backlog.

    Will also continue The Witcher 3. I just finished the Bloody Baron main quest. For all its hype, the game is failing to hook me. Maybe it is the open world busywork and inventory management and having to stop my fun to repair equipment. And the dance I need to do to pick up items. They are all adding up. I am determined to like it though.

      At least continue until you get to Skellige!

        I actually thought Bloody Baron quest line was one of the better quest lines in the game (until Blood & Wine). I didn't particularly love Skellige, possibly because it had been talked up so much.

          I just loved the Skellige landscape and ambient music.

        Ok. Im trying. Im hoping things gwt bwtter. I get better saddlebags and the endless potion recipes come to an end.

        Can I leave Velen after finishing the main quest there and come.back later for secondart quests? I have several secondary quests and many as yet unread notice boards including two large cities I can see on the map? I am afraid if I try and finish it all, I will not be able to leave for a few months. At the same time dont want to miss out on good side quests.

          You can go back to Velen later. In terms of quests most of the 'missable' ones are ambient ones, so most notice board quests will still be there until you hit the point-of-no-return late in the story (which is well sign-posted IIRC).

    ME: Andromeda. 60+ hours now and still absolutely loving it.

    Possibly some NBA live 18 & Battlefield 5 as well.

      Andromeda is pretty damn good. The combat especially. It was just slightly too open-worldy for me, and the story obviously wasn't as tight or compelling as any of the original trilogy, but for all that, I really liked it.

        I never played the original trilogy (regretting that now), so not having it to compare to I've found the story to be excellent. I have been reading and talking to everyone, so I've made sure to completely immerse myself in it.

        I did play Dragon Age: Inquisition, which I also thoroughly enjoyed, but this is just so much better in every way.

    GT Sport.......sinking my teeth into the December update.

    Still blasting my way through the Solar System in Warframe. Just got a Rhino suit so I'm maxing that out while enjoying the higher damage mitigation but boy am I missing my Mag's AOE Pull ability to deal with hordes. I have an Oberon in the oven too but it won't be complete until the end of the weekend. *frownieface*

      Hang on to Oberon! He's super useful in Sedna's bossfight, Keyla de Thane.

    Playing Just Cause 4 - trying to get my head around exactly what I am supposed to do. Compared with JC3, which I played through multiple times, I'm finding JC4 quite impenetrable. It's still fun, I guess, but it's definitely a less joyful romp so far.

    Between that and a few other things I'm slowly (oh so slowly) working my way through Spider-Man on my PS4.

      JC4s map system is certainly not the most intuitive, though I think a lot of that is down to not being able to zoom out far enough to see the story mission start points and battle lines in relation to each other, and needing to spam the AR button from time to time to see where challenges pop up or actual distance to mission objectives (the UI is definitely a major weakness in the overall design with this one).

      What platform are you on? (I'm on PC using a gamepad since it is very clearly designed around them - and KB&M would be obnoxious with the poor menu systems)

      Whereabouts in the game are you currently? It does throw a bunch of awkward systems at you early on which don't quite come together cohesively, but once you work them out you can get to the main part of the game - the vastly improved gunplay (despite losing sidearms and standalone grenades) and the ability to make aerial EMP mines out of wandering llamas :p

        Oops, long delay in responding - sorry about that MD!

        I've played a bit more since this post. Think I've got my head around it a bit more now. I'm on PC with an XB Elite controller. Definitely the best way to play.

        I still don't think it's as good as 2 or 3, but I like it better than I did before. I used to love destroying everything to take it over. Not needing to do that now just feels bad. In the older games I'd drop as soon as I spotted something red, now I just fly past it all. Seems like a huge waste.

        I started doing the challenges just this last weekend. They were never my favourite part of the game anyway so I'm not all that keen. We'll see if I keep it up. I don't like that if I come across a challenge I seem to have to summon the transport that I need. The more organic version that offers up the transport at the start seems more fun to me. Eh...

          I've since clocked the story and Javi's main side mission, so I enjoyed it for the narrative cheese and some fun exploration (quite a few little easter eggs and scenery setpieces like weird cave networks and a Jurassic Park style enclosure), but JC2 is the one I reckon will stand the test of time when replaying years later.

          I'm much happier with the challenges in this compared to 3 - whilst it's still lazy design, at least they can mostly be done pretty easily as you head between missions (especially how wingsuit challenges take about 10sec instead of extended time trials requiring repetition, and most vehicle challenges are about finding the right one near the goal and seeing if you need to do weird stuff like fly boats or sling cars up windmills - though there are inconsistencies with vehicles unlocked through territory capture and used for stunts vs vehicle unlocked by finding in stunt challenges)

    Im playing a really awesome game called Kenshi that just released on PC, its really unlike anything else I have played.

    Imma try out the DMC5 demo on X1, but outside of that not sure. Forsaken campaign?

    On a side note, just waled past the local library in Perth town and already dudes outside it playing Smash on their Switch, must have come over directly from the nearby EB Games after 9am :)

    Roadblasters on the Lynx. I want to finally finish that game.

    GTA: San Andreas. I’ve been doing a marathon of all the games and side games, so once I’m done with this, it’s onto the two City Stories I never got to play originally.

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