What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Christmas is just around the corner. Normally, that'd be a time for catching up with friends, unwinding, and usually getting rowdy. I'm sick as a dog, however, so I'm looking forward to a quiet adventure.

Final Fantasy XV got patched with DLSS this week, which comes at a perfect time. I've been wanting to replay it all year, especially since I never got around to the DLC episodes.

So saddling up with some honey and lemon tea, and a good looking emo RPG sounds like a great way to recover. At least on the Sunday, anyway. I'll also check back in with Battlefield V to gauge how the ray-tracing updates have gone, now that all of that has been sorted.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Red Dead. Been getting into Online more and more. SLYPH1000 on psn if anyone wishes to jump on :3

    Hearthstone just released a new dungeon run. I suspect a few hours messing with that and X4

    Still getting through Octopath Traveler. Just completed one of the characters story arcs.

    Persona 5! Just starting the second palace. Love the banter between the characters and also the humour, like a kid coming up the the group on a train and asking about Morgana, only for the group to pretend that Morgana is a toy. Had me in stitches.

    Still grinding away at Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita.

    Getting a little bit of playtime on The Council but I keep falling asleep.

    The Forest on PS4. Enjoying this a lot ,a well executed Indie survival sim. Those cannibals though.. yikes.
    Also some Blackout if time permits.

    I'm currently trying to unlock all of the Smash characters. (Via the WOL route) This is my first time playing a Smash game and I'm wondering how people put up with the tedium of the unlock process. As someone who plays a lot of fighting games I'm not unfamiliar with character unlocks but 66 characters is quite excessive, I just want to jump in and play around with characters.

    Outside of that I'm keeping up my trip through the Solar System in Warframe.

      Just a heads up but you don't actually unlock all characters through the initial WOL adventure. I'm doing it the same way and it is the slowest way of unlocking all characters from what I've heard

    Tonight I'm hosting a Christmas themed Murder Mystery for a group of around 16 people, should be a good bit of fun.

    If I manage to get any game time in at all this weekend, I'll be trying to finish of ME: Andromeda. Still loving it but I'm just starting to feel ready for it to end, but that always happens when I get around the 100+ hour mark for any game.

    Spider-man! I'm enjoying how everything is in bite size pieces, there's lots of side activities but you don't have sink huge amounts of time into it or grind.

      Just went and visited my library and they had it there, so I'll be Spidermanning it as well. On a related note, check out Honest Trailers vid for the Japanese Spiderman TV series that wish I had known existed before now, it's insane.

    Hoping for some Last Remnant Remastered time if I can get away from Rainbow 6.

    I'm a few episodes behind on Critical Role, so I'll probably play something simple and relatively mindless while catching up. American Truck Simulator perhaps.

    I picked up my new PC last night, so I'll be jumping between games to see what it can do (if I can download anything in time), before going back to Destiny to bake cookies for the Vanguard so they'll fix my sleigh.

    Kicking into the Steam backlog this weekend, have started The Hex (from the Pony Island dude/people), and then onto The Red Strings Club. Then next week starting Nier Automata on X1.

    Bounced really hard off the D2 Forsaken campaign for some reason (I think because of level gating mostly, I'm finding it difficult to get my power level up enough to take on each of the Barons) so this is a nice palate cleanser.

    I will try and make a dent im The Witcher 3 main story.
    Plus I bought Shadow of The Tomb Raider and spiderman last night but dunno if I will have time for either.

    Nothing, as usual christmas is the busiest time of the year.

    Freaking people out by sneaking up behind them dressed as a giant blood covered hamster in Fallout 76

    I was planning on coming home from work, setting up my wheel and playing some Forza Horizon 4... however it seems that plan is out the window. After leaving my PC on last night to download the ~7gb new expansion, and then discovering this morning the base game also needs an update, I come home to a progress bar of 28gb / 70gb complete. What sort of patch is this? And why must you ruin my friday evening plans?
    Continuing my replay of Mass Effect 2 with some Cities Skylines thrown in it seems.

    Currently overseas so I'm away from my PS4.

    Got my Switch, Laptop and PS Vita so I am well equipped with games

    Will be playing Zelda BOTW, Full Throttle Remastered (Free from GOG) and Persona 5 Dancing

    Kingdom hearts 1.5 + 2.5

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