What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Christmas was only a few days ago, so hopefully that means new games to play!

Sadly my own game playing will be delayed. I accidentally left my Switch at my parent's place over Christmas. So I'll mostly be playing Drive The Car for 4 hours.

I'm desperate enough to drive back because I'm heading to CES in a week and definitely want the Switch for the flight. Alex even got me a power pack for Christmas to extend the battery life. What a guy!

When I finally do get my beautiful Nintendo son back I'll probably fall even deeper into Stardew Valley. Again.

I clocked over 150 hours on the PC version a couple of years back and I'm close to that again on the Switch. I've basically turned my farm into a distillery and couldn't be happier with the ORDER and DISCIPLINE I've created.

A shot of the early days of my brewery. It is... more intense now.

Besides that we'll probably be jumping on Overwatch as per usual and playing some paper and pencil tabletop games. I think Alex may also want to crack open the Battlestar Galactica board game I got him for Xmas, too.

What will you be diving into?


    My copy of the excellent Anachrony board game arrived xmas eve so I'll be playing that,and hopefully Nemo's War (2nd Ed) will be here in the next few days as well.That'll keep me busy.

    Have finished the main story in Mass Effect: Andromeda, now deciding whether I finish off the few remaining quests or not.

    I've had a quick look at Ashen, looking forward to sinking my teeth into it.

    Red Dead 2. Last night I got ambushed by some Murfree brood, mauled by invisible aligators, set up a gun fight with an old coot and an asshole marshal, finally knocked over some challenges that were bothering me, made a few strides in Chapter 4 and had a grand old time doing it.

    This game just keeps on giving, though I am concerned it may one day end :/

    Fallout 76, and then I realised I didn't want to play this buggy Bethesda game, so now I'm playing Fallout 4, the less buggy Bethesda Fallout game.
    And Subnautica; man that game is a good mixture between calming, and crap your pants paranoia (which is my favourite activity - crapping my pants calmly). Speaking of which, I've got pins and needles...

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