What Was Your Favourite Game Of 2018?

Triple AAA games nailing the brief. Indie games surprising people out of nowhere, and expansions and patches that completely turn a game around. It's been a good year for games - now it's time for you to vote for your favourite.

To make sure nothing gets missed, this year we'll go purely with user submissions. It's a little more complicated than just clicking a button, but this way no games will get left out.

I have a suspicion that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a popular favourite. On the flipside, I'd be surprised if Fortnite makes it into the top three or five. Kotaku Australia readers do like their stories - Persona 5 and Horizon's strong showing last year was indicative of that.

Strategy games have had a gun year too: Into the Breach, BattleTech, Two-Point Hospital (well, that's more management sim), and recently, the smashing Mutant Year Zero. Honestly, find some time to play the latter before the end of the year.

We'll have the most disappointing game poll later this week for you all to rag on the games that let you down most this year. But for now, I want to hear your take.

Best game of 2018. What was it?


    Such a great year. And pretty easy to pick my top 3, first to last:

    Red Dead Redemption 2
    God Of War


      They’re the easy choices but also my top 3 if you swap the order of RDR and GOW

        I kinda love that the choices were that easy this year. Two platinum’s, and a third on the way if online keeps my interest :)

    Personal Savings Balancer - Warhammer 40k edition...

    Pathfinder: Kingmaker is most recently the one I recall. Otherwise I can't think of many that I played that released this year...
    Monster Hunter (PC) is another...

    Have to give the nod to Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition - I had to look up the release date - easily the best game I've played not just this year but in many a year.
    Larian smashed it out of the park with that one.

    I'm yet to get to God of War or Spider-Man, but so far the games I've enjoyed the most this year are Shadow of the Colossus and Valkyria Chronicles 4!

    Spider-Man for me. I had a blast with that from start to finish.

      Far from out-staying its welcome, Spider-man is one of the few games that I went back to playing even after I'd completed everything there was to do, just so I could keep enjoying that webslinging mechanic.

    There were some amazing games this year. But the main story in red dead redemption 2 was incredible and is my goty.

    God of war for me. The story tied with the action just kept me coming back. If I wasn’t at home playing It, i found myself thinking about certain parts here and there. Spider-man was excellent and very hard to put at second. Super Mario Odyssey at third for me and then Dead Cells. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some games from earlier in the year though.

    as PC only player, its Monster Hunter World

      Try the game dauntless. It's free to play but it's also an open beta, I find it really fun. It's like Monster Hunter.

    God of War - first in the series I've enjoyed.
    Spider-man - just loved that collectathon.
    Hollow Knight - on switch. Also probably the game that i spent the most time on.

    It was a toss up between Iconoclasts and Monster Hunter: World but I felt that Iconoclasts resonated more on a personal level. This year has actually been kind of a mediocre year for me in terms of new games that excite me with a lot of the games I've enjoyed being ports of older games. That's not to say that there weren't new games that I didn't enjoy, it was just most of it resulted in an overall feeling of indifference.

    It also didn't help that all the games I want to play got delayed to 2019. February is going to kill my wallet.

    Games I LOVED this year:

    Monster Hunter World - The first Monster Hunter game to truly 'click' with me. Hit a gear/skill wall too early and killed my enthusiasm, but the journey to that point was fantastic.

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Deeply flawed, but also deeply brilliant. It was uncommonly ambitious and achieved more of its ambitions than most games bother to try.

    Far Cry 5 - Did exactly what I wanted it to do: gave me a new flavour of UbiGame to tick off checkboxes. Looking forward to the sequel.

    God of War - This was exactly what the franchise needed. Brilliant characterization, storytelling, mechanics, worldbuilding... So very hungry for more. This deserved Game of the Year from the game awards. I'm so glad it didn't go forgotten after a year overflowing with gaming gold.

    BattleTech - Years after the kickstarter edition sent me my house banner and hat/badge/pins, BattleTech fulfilled the hype. Especially after patches. The only possible thing better could be Mechwarrior: Mercenaries.

    Frostpunk - A pleasant surprise, as if you combined This War of Mine with a one-city Civilization game. This thing just OOZES atmosphere, I'm really keen to jump back in and try the recently-released scenarios and modes.

    Cultist Simulator - Amazing how you can use game mechanics to reinforce an in-game mindset. Opaque, mysterious, and haunting. I was surprised this did not get more pages written about it. One-more-turn-itis (only one more second/action/minute) had me hooked for entire weekends.

    Vampyr - I was expecting this to be low-grade, passable AA and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of... literally everything, actually. Very replayable, fun combat build set-ups, intriguing storytelling had me hooked for weeks. I still need to do a 'kill 'em all' run.

    Octopath Traveler - I enjoyed this in a more low-key way; while there was nothing too remarkable about its storytelling, the novelty was very welcome, not just in narrative but mechanics and art style. This deserves more of my time to finish it off. The fact that I haven't is no indictment of the game, but a statement on the quality of this year's competing releases.

    Spider-man - I very nearly nominated this as my entry and I think it is BRUTALLY unfair that it didn't pick up any awards. Spidey is charming as fuck, behaves and plays exactly as he should, and swinging through the city is such a pure joy that I got a second copy for myself instead of waiting for my partner to finish hers, and even after I platinumed the game, I still just kept on swinging through the city. Like a kid on a playground swing, the mechanic itself is the reward.

    Astro Bot Rescue Mission - VR is niche, so I don't expect this to come up at all, but this thing is refined, joyous platforming, with ADORABLE characters, clean and appealing environments, and displayed in a way that suits VR to a tee. I feel like I may even be able to get my motion-sick GF into VR with this one.

    AC: Odyssey - The dialogue choices worked much better than I expected. Kassandra is charming and hilarious, and a straight-up mythical hero, and I loved exploring Greece; a country I wouldn't normally give a shit about. Being a classic UbiGame always is a point in favour for me, where others might consider it a flaw, so this rates much higher than I expect others to. The most recent patch makes it worth revisiting.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - The online mode might be a bust, but that just reinforces that it's OK to take more time with the slow, deliberate, rich-in-atmosphere and detail single-player. I really do love this single-player mode's thoughtful application of brakes to the normally frenetic pace of gaming. There is inherent reward in being forced to take my time, and I'm grateful for that.

    Pokemon Let's Go - It's a gorgeous rendition of Red/Blue, with quality of life upgrades, more sensible plot-ties, and a reduced grind. This makes it basically a perfect game. Sure, I've essentially already played it a dozen times... but it's good enough to play again.

    Mutant Year Zero - I was fond of this within minutes, surprised and optimistic after hours, and after even more hours, it's only getting better. I'm sure it'll wrap up soon, but in the meantime, this XCOM-meets-top-down-dungeon-crawler-with-stealth is charming as hell, and does practically nothing wrong. It's streamlined in ways that don't make me miss the guff it trimmed. Just solidly great.

    Ashen - Surprise last few entrants into 2018! Unexpectedly pleasant. Where Dark Souls is weighty in mechanics, theme, and significance in every decision, Ashen is the opposite. Dark souls 'lite' with an opposite tone of rebirth and rebuilding. Light on detail and depth, it is nonetheless a very satisfying interpretation of the explore, die, retry schtick.

    AC: Odyssey

    dont hate me

      Odyssey was bloody great, no arguments here! Ubi gets a lot of hate for reason I can't truly sympathize with, but they iterated on what was good with Odyssey, making it even better, and took a handful of gambles that I feel paid off. At absolute worst, their experimentation will only be iterated on again in the next UbiGame to even greater effect. And Kassandra was just straight-up badass. It really was almost like roleplaying a Wonder-Woman game.

      I am currently playing this and I am really enjoying it! Kassandra is awesome.

    I personally think 2018 was one of those stellar gaming years. RDR2 & spidery will have to wait unit 2019. My (eclectic!) top 5;

    1. God of War
    2. Moss
    3. Detroit :Become Human
    4. A Way Out
    5. Far Cry 5

    Surprised nobody has mentioned Subnautica yet, such a great game.

      I heard that it was notable for being one of those survival/explorers that actually got finished, worked, and managed to include a narrative. Not without its weird quirks and flaws, but a worthwhile experience. Haven't played it yet, though, and will probably just grab it when it goes free on Epic in a week or two.

        Its really really good, it is by far the most polished survival game I have ever played, its not too punishing, everything fits together really well and it has a completable story where the game actually ends and you aren't just running on a treadmill forever. It's designed to be fun not to be grindy.

        Resources don't respawn which encourages you to explore and certain things only spawn in certain areas of the map. Exploring rewards you with new blueprints for things you can craft which in turn let you explore deeper and more challenging parts of the map.

        For the low price of free you really cant go wrong.

      Came out right at the start of the year after a very long Early Access period so I guess a lot of people missed it or played it during EA.

      I liked it until I realized I was trapped in a catch-22 situation where I literally couldn't finish the game (needed the moon pool to upgrade my stuff to go deep enough, but none of the moon pool fragments spawned at depths I could reach, and I lost the one Seamoth depth upgrade available immediately after getting it). That was really disappointing for me, I was far enough in that I didn't want to play through all that content again but further progress was impossible.

    Of the triple A games, Ass Creed Odyssey and Spider-Man were brilliant.

    But I have to give an indie title a nod... Dead Cells.
    Having played it since early access on steam, and even buying it a second time for PS4, it's a great title that well deserved it's most recent award beating out CoD Blops 4, Destiny 2 and Far Cry 5.

      I didn't mind it, but it reinforced that rogue-likes aren't really my thing. Butting my head against certain challenges without progress wasn't particularly fun. The amount of progress lost per failure was just too punitive for me to not resent it to the point of shrugging and giving up.

      Great graphics, control responsiveness, and interesting progression ideas, though.

        That's fair enough.
        Rogue-likes, they're a love 'em or hate 'em kind of thing. I love 'em. You get one great run in after 10 disasters and you just feel unbeatable, then you get blown up by a bomb. Love 'em. :)

    There were dar too many good game released last year for me to even look at buying many games this year. I'm still sitting on Horizon Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy XV, Prey and Breath of the Wild.

    I did play The Hex, though. That game is not getting nearly enough love.

    FYI in case people are wondering: I can see the exact results everyone has put into the backend, so if you're worried that entries aren't going through, it's all good. They are.

    Shoutout to whoever voted for "Butt Squad".

    Cytoid has been the best game i've played all year, and its on MOBILE of all things!
    No microtransactions and completely free heh

    I want to say RDR2, but I can't. I'm a PC gamer and R* gave us the middle finger.

    So I'll have to say AC: Odyssey instead.

    God of War I'd say but I couldn't see a clear winner this year after the most recent years. A lot of the games that everyone loved, like spider-man and R2D2 I thought were a big pile of meh after experiencing Witcher 3 and Horizon.

    God of War was quite the blast too. In hindsight, repetitive and incredibly linear, but everything it did, it was excellent at.

    God of War, Obra Dinn, Destiny 2: Forsaken. GoW was a great reboot/reset for the franchise, and pulled me in with its story and characters in a way that its previous approach couldn't. Obra Dinn was a refreshing and captivating mystery told in a new and interesting way. And Forsaken... Dreaming City and Last Wish continue to just amaze me, and I'm really keen to see how its story continues to develop over the next few months.

    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. It's a great game, plus it's a bit different. A lot of games are getting too same same.

    Really poor year for me. The only games I actually remember playing through and enjoying all the way were God of War and Ys VIII. So many releases that were disappointing, mediocre or just fatally compromised somehow.

    As someone who loved Destiny 1, but hated the first year of content in Destiny 2, my vote goes to Destiny 2: Forsaken. They brought back my love for the series from the first game and definitely haven't been able to put it down

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