What Was Your Favourite Game Of 2018?

Triple AAA games nailing the brief. Indie games surprising people out of nowhere, and expansions and patches that completely turn a game around. It's been a good year for games - now it's time for you to vote for your favourite.

To make sure nothing gets missed, this year we'll go purely with user submissions. It's a little more complicated than just clicking a button, but this way no games will get left out.

I have a suspicion that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a popular favourite. On the flipside, I'd be surprised if Fortnite makes it into the top three or five. Kotaku Australia readers do like their stories - Persona 5 and Horizon's strong showing last year was indicative of that.

Strategy games have had a gun year too: Into the Breach, BattleTech, Two-Point Hospital (well, that's more management sim), and recently, the smashing Mutant Year Zero. Honestly, find some time to play the latter before the end of the year.

We'll have the most disappointing game poll later this week for you all to rag on the games that let you down most this year. But for now, I want to hear your take.

Best game of 2018. What was it?


    Red Dead Redemption 2. I'm not seeing what everyone else is with the controls - I have no issue moving about and lining up headshots. I'm enjoying the many little stories and attention to detail that I haven't seen in a game for a good while. And seriously, just wandering along on horseback is so nice, especially when a storm rolls in.
    Online is a bit of a flake, but nice that there's a story to go with it, and riding with a posse is good fun.

    Fallout 76. Best entertainment from a game I have never played...it's the game that keeps on giving.

    The actual best game i played this year is Divinity OS2 but rules be rules. So many of the popular goty picks fell way short of greatness for me;

    RDR2 is the game that had the highest highs for me that released this year, but there are such constant, irritating flaws that mean I can’t go for it.

    AC Odyssey - loved the setting, mechanically nothing wrong and fun for so long, yet pretty forgettable for me and - setting aside - i actually think i prefer Origins overall.

    Spiderman - loved the story/character beats, web slinging was/is great, but the rest of it was pretty ho-hum, especially if you compare it to the Arkham series for Batman? A good game & better than expected it but never my goty.

    GoW - the only one of the popular votes I haven’t played yet (have never played a GoW title). I actually think id love it, but buying it would break my ‘there are too many games, don’t start buying into existing series you’ve had no interest in previously’ rule! :D

    Octopath, Hollow Knight & Into the Breach therefore make up my top 3. Did xcom 2’s expansion come out this year? That was pretty good too!

      I feel like getting God of War wouldn't really be breaking your rule. It owes its backstory and a great deal of the weight burdening its protagonist to the older titles, but it's far enough removed from the originals in mechanics, setting, and themes that it's effectively launching a new series. :)

        Ha - you sound like my inner monologue from when I was looking at the sale last week! :D

        Truth be told, when a game gets so many plaudits/goty mentions then i’m going to grab it at some point - bit silly to llay something ‘new and average’ when there’s a blockbuster sat there!

        Biggest worry is ill love it so much ill end up playing the back catalogue!

          Ooooh, could be better to just watch a YouTube summary of the cinematics/major plot developments if you get a serious hankering. Playstyle's pretty different and very dated, and while they're certainly gritty and grim, the earlier titles in the franchise are not as... nuanced as the GOTY successor.

          (Hell, that's probably worth doing anyway. It's a fun journey - https://www.google.com/search?q=god+of+war+1-3+movie&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 if you want a few options.)

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