What's The Next Great Vaporware Game?

Next month, Kingdom Hearts III will finally come out, which is great news for video game fans, but bad news for people who need to write punchlines about video games that never come out. It raises an interesting question: What’s the next great vaporware game?

Vaporware, a name coined for software that’s announced but never released or canceled, has been prevalent in the video game industry since the video game industry existed. But over the past few years, we’ve seen some of the most infamous vaporware materialise into real games, from The Last Guardian to Final Fantasy Versus XIII (now XV). Games with lengthy development cycles, like The Witness and Cuphead and Doom (2016), actually came out. Duke Nukem Forever came out several years ago, Below launched this month, and with Kingdom Hearts III about to see a release after being announced in 2013 (and anticipated for years before then), it’s time to crown a new king of vaporware.

Some contenders:

Deep Down - Announced during Sony’s PS4 reveal event in February 2013, this multiplayer dungeon crawler has been MIA ever since. Will it ever come out? Is it even still in development?

Agent - Rockstar was supposed to release this game as a PS3 exclusive back in 2009, and we haven’t heard a thing about it since. I suspect that this game never actually existed, given that all we’ve seen of Agent is a title screen and some leaked concept art. Maybe it was a contractual obligation to Sony.

Cube World - An alpha for this ambitious Minecraft-like game came out in 2013. Two years later, the developers assured fans that it wasn’t dead. Now? Well... they tweeted in the summer of 2017?

Star Citizen - The infamous space game opened up crowdfunding in 2012 and has since raised roughly $US400 ($566) billion. It’s currently planned to enter beta in 2045.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 - Announced in 2008 and re-revealed in 2017, the second Beyond Good & Evil will probably emerge once again at next year’s Ubisoft E3 conference. After that? Who knows!

What am I missing? What gets your vote?


    400 billion? Huh? million more like it lol

      I want it to succeed and be what it's hyped to be but the mischievous part wants to watch a giant train wreck if it goes under

      400 billion?

      'Billion' is correct; Jeff Bezos just really got into purchasing ships :P

        I think everyone missed the following part where it says it's going to hit beta in 2045, I presumed both lines were being a little cheeky. Besides, last I heard it was only 250 million or so.


    Ahhh Cube World. I remember watching that super closely when it was announced and then... radio silence since 2014 or so. Especially since he launched a fancy website for it, had people pay for the alpha and then just disappeared. Trove, Portal Knights and plenty of other games with a similar style have since come and gone and Cube World doesn't really have that unique place it once had to slot into. What a missed opportunity.

    Dead Island 2? Anyone?

      Better yet, Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. I'm 28 now and I look forward to playing this on release when I'm in my forties.

    Still waiting for more than the first episode of Hiveswap to come out.

    Beyond good and evil 2 is still "coming soon" 10 years later.

    REALLY wanted to play that

      But that got cancelled. No longer vaporware.

    Does Half-Life 2: Episode 3 still qualify?

    Another one that comes to mind is Tekken X Street Fighter, announced in 2010. While the Capcom developed Street Fighter X Tekken came out in 2012, the Namco Bandai developed Tekken X Street Fighter has been MIA.

      Portal 3

        Along with Half-Life 3 and Left for Dead 3, that was never actually announced, Half-Life 2: Episode 1 was announced as part 1 of a trilogy that still hasn't been finished.

      Been waiting for tvssf for years. Supposedly it hasn't been abandoned just way less a priority. Latest update from the head of development for it Yasuki Nakabayashi who recently did Tekken7 said it is 30 % done. Also he said that Akuma in Tekken 7 is a result of tvssf.

        Fuck so tvssf is still going. I'm amazed!

          Supposedly. But I wouldn't expect much. At this rate it would be developing slower than Duke Nukem Forever.

    Does Half-Life 2: Episode 3 still qualify?


      I don’t know if they ever actually announced it?

    I wouldn't be surprised if Dreams and Crackdown 3 get pushed back again

    Final Fantasy VII remake. Announced E3 2015 and virtually no development progress since then. Nomura is directing so this could be in limbo for a very, very long time.

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