What's Your Favourite Australian Game Of 2018?

The polls are live on your favourite and most disappointing game of the year. Now, it's time for the local flavour: your Australian Game of 2018.

We'll be doing this poll a little differently than the others, and for a good reason. People are always surprised when they find out what games are actually made in Australia: plenty of people were unaware that Hollow Knight and Golf Story, two examples from last year, were homegrown successes.

So to assist everyone, you'll find a list below of every Australian game that came out in 2018. The list was compiled with the help of games academic, A Play of Bodies: How We Perceive Videogames author and DECRA fellow, Brendan Keogh.

And if you're an Aussie developer and you haven't added your game to the list, Keogh has a form where you can submit all the details. It's a great way to keep track of all the work Australians or Aussie studios have put together in 2018.

The only stipulation with the list below is that I've restricted it largely to premium games and commercially released products, rather than the wealth of student projects, gamejam creations and free-to-play offerings. That's mostly for brevity than anything else, but if there's a game that's not included that you'd like to vote for, there's an Other box at the bottom so you can submit there as well.

Games like Florence, City of Brass, The Gardens Between, An Aspie Life, Night in the Woods, Paperbark, A Township Tale, The Adventure Pals were all made in Australia. Question is: which one was your favourite?


    I literally havnt heard of anything but Florence. And that was great so it gets my vote

    Alex, can we add new Zealand games? I would vote Ashen in a heartbeat and I feel like they are close enough to Australian.

    Watching the Government disintegrate.

    Haven't played any of these. The time travelling garden one for Switch looks good.

    Asshole Goose Game will be picked up next year for sure.

    Man, Game Dev Tycoon came out like... six years ago. But I'm always happy to toss them a vote. Especially since that's the only game on the list I've ever played, and it cost me sooooo much god damn sleep, playing it into the early hours.

      (Oh, except Ashen! I missed that! It's good, but Game Dev Tycoon is better.)

        You take that back!

          No. :)

          Seriously, though, Game Dev Tycoon had me up to 3am some nights. I spent so much time trying to craft the perfect game, develop the perfect engine to support the best combinations of game elements... ended up creating my own expo. I was 100% sucked in.

          Ashen's good, but it's not grabbed me in anything even close to that way.

            I was just messing with you. =P
            I'm just really enjoying Ashen atm.

              And you're playing co-op with Ser Nobs, right? I'm sure that amplifies the enjoyment considerably. :)

                Yeah. We got to the birthing waters and the first thing he does, is fall into the water. As you may well know, the people of Ashen can't swim. He ended up drowning. Then asked if they were inklings.

    Hey Alex, putting Hollow Knight (Switch) but leaving out Armello (Switch) is out of order! Hollow Knight was first released in 2017. How come it gets a pass but not Armello?

    If you want to add NZ games shouldn't you also mention that they're NZ games?

    Hollow Knight for me. Easy pick as I loved every second of that game.

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