Wild PC Footage Of Red Dead Redemption 2 Supposedly Appears

Wild PC Footage Of Red Dead Redemption 2 Supposedly Appears

A PC port of Red Dead Redemption 2 has been one of the most demanded requests from the PC community. Now, thanks to some unverified footage that hit YouTube this morning, that request might become a reality.

A 26 second clip of slightly blurry over-the-shoulder RDR2 footage appeared online in the early hours of the morning. It’s difficult to make out some of the details, but it briefly shows a mouse cursor navigating the RDR2 UI, and some basic graphics options, including Vsync, resolution (which is set to 1080p), refresh rate (at 60Hz), anti-aliasing (set to FXAA), and SPACE/ESC for the select and back buttons.

A colourblind option can be seen (simply set to off in this video), as well as some basic settings for texture, shader, shadow and reflection quality.

I’ve reached out to Rockstar Australia for comment as to whether the footage has been faked. There’s a few red flags with the footage, with FXAA being the most obvious to me. FXAA is one of the more rudimentary anti-aliasing techniques these days, but its often contained as one AA option within a suite of others (like MSAA, TXAA and more). GTA 5 is an outlier in that it does feature FXAA as a separate option, but that’s immediately followed by settings for MSAA and TXAA, and it’d be weird for Rockstar’s most recent PC port to have less functionality than GTA 5.

If this was to be real, it’s likely early footage (although no watermark or developer labels can be seen). And Rockstar has been deliberately coy on investor calls about RDR2‘s potential for a PC release, although an anonymous Rockstar developer noted on their LinkedIn profile that RDR2 was being developed for PC.

At this stage, and given how much success Rockstar had with GTA 5‘s staggered releases, it’d be more surprising if RDR2 didn’t come to PC. My gut is still holding out for 2019, given there was a six month window between GTA 5‘s launch on PS4 and Xbox One and its release on PC.

That’s if Rockstar are developing the PC version at all, of course. It’d be a surprise if they weren’t, but until there’s official confirmation – or maybe the game leaks absurdly early somehow – this all remains unconfirmed.


  • I hope they don’t have TXAA if it comes to PC, or at least the option to turn it off. Easily my least favourite form of AA. It just blurs things way too much, leaves smears and other artifacts. Glad I was able to upscale it on the PS4 Pro (for a 1080p monitor). Was able to hide some of the artifacts and get some clarity back that way.

  • I don’t have a PS4, and I do have a decent PC, and really want to play RDR2. So I’m excited! I’m more than happy for any game on PC to be ported to any console. Live and let live!

  • I’ve seen am aweful lot of console to PC ports that have been pretty poor efforts. Unlike going from PC to consoles they actually try to optimise it for the console. The other way around you usually get half arsed efforts.

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