You Told Us Your Game Of The Year


For our 2018 finale episode of Kotaku XP, Gita and I asked you to tell us your favourite game of 2018. You sure did tell us! We spent an hour and twenty minutes in a hot little recording booth reading, talking about, and counting up your votes. Come see who won!

If you don’t have time to watch the video, you can just scroll down this massive Twitter thread and try to correctly guess off the top of your head.

The top two games that won are definitely the winners, and definitely in the order we calculated. However, we might have messed up while counting the exact number of votes each game got. Like, it was hot in that room, and we didn’t have a pen or a sheet of paper. If anyone in the comments wants to count up the votes and report a definitive tally, we will sincerely thank you out loud in our next episode! Here’s where I could make a joke about how probably no one is going to count the votes for us because people in internet comments definitely don’t like seizing an opportunity to be more objectively correct than the person writing the post.

The tally here by no means represents all of Kotaku’s readers. I’m sure if we polled all readers the choices would be fairly different. Based on the games that placed in our top five, I’d say that these rankings most accurately reflect the taste of, well, people who follow me and Gita on Twitter.

So that’s my way of saying that you could follow me, Gita, Kotaku, or all three on Twitter if you want to possibly participate in a future episode of this show!


    • I think DQXI was 1st, Celeste 2nd. They list the numbers for those two at about the 1:12:00 mark, stating them as 1 and 2.

      Not sure it was the most representative of votes though, it would attract their viewers more than a full general representation, and both of them are heavily into those two games.

      But, its a vote, for better or worse.

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