15 More Minutes From Rage 2

Image: Bethesda

Rage 2 isn't officially out until May 14, but an embargo lifted this morning on a fresh bunch of gameplay.

The footage online is largely capped to 15 minutes, with a deeper look at some of the Mad Max-esque game's open world areas, NPCs and mechanics before culminating in a boss fight.

A key detail covered in a ton of the footage this morning is the difference between normal enemies and larger enemies. The player abilities in RAGE 2 are pretty good at mincing normal mobs, but most of those abilities don't work on the bigger enemies, who you'll need to take down by repeatedly shooting a weak spot.

A real positive note is that you can pilot a Halo-style ship - it looks a little like the Icarus from Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, although it's more of a mounted vehicle rather than a jetpack-type device. Either way, it means you can fly around the open-world desert rather than just driving.

Missions in Rage 2 are also tied to three secondary characters. Upon completing a mission, you'll be able to level up the skill trees of those characters, unlocking abilities that you can invest in. Mods are available for your weapons and vehicles, although none of the footage I've seen online included any shots of the UI, skill trees, or what those available unlocks and skills are precisely.

It's not known whether there will be a public beta for Rage 2 before it launches, but Bethesda - and everyone who attended the recent preview - did stress that everything was in a pre-beta phase. The game is due out four months from now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


    The new Borderlands game looks great!

    Looks alright but I hope that there will be a good narrative and NPCs to back it up.

    Games are just looking better and better.

    To think just 30 years ago we had Super Mario and Exicite Bike are were amazed at how good they looked.


    Ooo and don't get me started on VR. A MA ZING.

    Is this going to be available in VR like Skyrim?

    Oh my god is that Jimmy Raynor i hear in the first video? why i think it is


    Mad Max was excellent. Not perfect, but extremely fun overall.

    Is there going to be an option for a female MC? Because that male VA sounds generic AF.

      what are you talking about my dude women couldn't survive in this environment by themselves they must be protected by the men.

    This looks pretty fun. Not original in any way, but still potentially fun.

    It's also kind of close in aesthetic and gameplay to the next Far Cry title, so I might have to decide which of the two to get ... it's gonna be RAGE 2, I've already decided.

    Ooooh Bethesda launcher only? No thanks

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