A Real Doctor Plays Trauma Center

Trauma Center is a ridiculously over the top surgery simulator, although calling it a simulator is rather generous. People wonder what would happen if a real doctor tried to tackle Atlus’s anime malpractice simulator and today we have our answer.

Dr Ed Hope, a UK-based junior doctor, has a series of videos reacting to various medical nonsense in media. From time to time, he even tries his hand at medically themed games.

Now he’s cracked and gave Trauma Center: Second Opinion a go.

Dr Hope made a good choice of game as Second Opinion starts at Hope Hospital. The medical jargon thrown out there proves to be mostly accurate, at least in the broadest of strokes.

More entertainingly, Dr Hope’s incredibly British reactions to the most mundane of operations in Trauma Center leave me wanting more. The later, more anime, operations in this game have no place in reality, those are the ones you really want to see a doctor react to. Bring on the demonic heart spiders.

I can’t help but feel a little responsible for the sudden surge of interest in Trauma Center. Sorry.


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