Anthem Launches In A Month, Here Are Some Demo Dates

Anthem Launches In A Month, Here Are Some Demo Dates

Bioware’s Destiny-like online game, Anthem launches in a month and Casey Hudson, Bioware General Manager, has written a blog post sharing some thoughts about the game and some key dates around the game’s release.

Hudson’s blog post, titled ‘One Month To Go‘, briefly tackles the issues of having a story-focused online game.

“We knew there would be challenges,” said Hudson. “People are skeptical of the idea of story in an online game, and for good reason. Often, the nature of online multiplayer games tends to fight story agency and interesting character interactions.”

“With Anthem, we aim to integrate the fun of multiplayer missions with your friends, and single-player story agency and characters, into a connected narrative experience – set in a world designed to be always changing, and where anything is possible. The result is an intentionally unique structure which is fundamental to Anthem’s design and even the universe it’s set in.”

Unsurprisingly, Anthem's Upcoming Demo Will Be Different From the Final Release

This Friday, 25th January, people who have either pre-ordered Anthem or who subscribe to EA/Origin Access, will get a chance to play some of Anthem in the comfort of their own homes before anyone else.

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BioWare Wants You To Know That Story Is A Priority For Anthem

One of the biggest ongoing questions surrounding BioWare’s upcoming online shooter Anthem is whether it will be able to hit the narrative bar that the studio has set for itself through series like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. With a new trailer tonight—and a presentation to press this morning in Los Angeles—BioWare is trying to assure fans that even its take on Destiny is doubling down on story.

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The blog post also lists the dates Anthem’s demo will be available, both to pre-order customers and the general public.

On January 25, everyone who has pre-ordered the game or has an active EA Access subscription can join the VIP demo. Following that, an open demo will go live for everyone on February 1.

People will be able to play the first ten hours of Anthem on February 15 through the Play First program. Progress will even carry over when the game officially launches on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on February 22.


      • And you know that because… It’s just your opinion. Interesting how you said it like it’s a fact.

        I actually think it would’ve gotten them hundreds of sign ups at the least. Ppl are keen for this game.

        • I’d actually assume that hundreds of new EA access sign ups would be considered Not A Lot to the accountants that run EA. Certainly not going to pay for any of the ridiculous bonuses they pay to execs that cancel single player narrative driven star wars games over and over again.

        • Yet another diet MMO shooter lite.

          For those who aren’t completely sick of the genre, they’re hardly lacking options.

          Destiny 2 is now free of Activision. Fans are energised about what this might mean for the future of the game.

          Warframe continues to impress and has an extremely loyal playerbase (think old school Blizzard-fan loyal).

          The Division 1 was legitimately ‘fixed’ by Massive at the end of it’s life and remains the only looter shooter with conventional gunplay (with TD2 releasing soon)

          Do you really think an EA game is going to make a huge splash? Considering they’re literally 6 years late to the party?

          I’m done with EA/Activision live service rubbish by this stage.. but that’s an entirely different topic.

          • I’m kinda curious, but I don’t think it’ll be for me. I’ve never gotten into destiny type games and I haven’t enjoyed an EA game since the mass effect 2 and dead space days.

            I kinda feel it’s the death of bioware, which is a shame. I’d love to be wrong though. I really liked the old bioware games. The ones that made them so successful. The ones that it feels like they don’t make anymore. Those games were great. I mean KOTOR was so good!

            I really dug dragonage origins at the time. Or jade empire. That was fun. But it’s all a long time ago now. Now we have anthem. So yeah, I’m curious but in a morbid fashion.

          • Yeah but all the things you list arent exactly the same. As a Destiny player it always makes me laugh things people have listed over the years as a Destiny killer.

            Sure Division is sort of like Destiny, in theory, in reality. The things that drive me to play one are not the things to drive me to play the other, then throw Anthem in that mix now. (personally I have ZERO drive to play Warframe, tried it a few times, just means nothing to me). I keep going back to Destiny because there is just something about it sparks my interest more.

            For those who aren’t completely sick of the genre, they’re hardly lacking options.

            So I think you lumping all these games into one is a bit silly. It is a genre. Sure they are late to the party. You know what else was ‘late to the party’ World of Warcraft. Then it change and ultimately destroyed the vibrant and diverse MMO’s landscape by becoming the new normal.

            Personally I dont think Anthem will have that much of a seismic effect on gaming, but it could possibly be very popular. I dont see why that would be a bad thing? And I say that as someone who dislikes EA and been left cold by Bioware since Dragon Age Origins.

          • I mean overwatch is a good example of something that was already done, but Blizzard just new what was missing from the regular deathmatch fps games and made it their own. Bioware has the ability to stand back and see what they think is wrong with the likes of Destiny etc and put out a game that they think will capture players better.

          • Whether they have retained the ability to do much of anything under the shackles of their Lord God of “Monetise It All!” EA very much remains to be seen…

          • Then it change and ultimately destroyed the vibrant and diverse MMO’s landscape by becoming the new normal.

            Well. There wasn’t much happening before WoW landed, compared to after.

            Considering several of the MMOs that existed before WoW either shut down before WoW’s release and a very large number of the ones that didn’t still exist today (having well surpassed a reasonable lifespan), the largest casualties post-WoW are the pretenders who tried and failed to ride WoW’s wake.

            Before ‘WoW-clone’ was a term, it was ‘Diku clone’; the biggest of which was EverQuest, the pre-WoW giant in the genre. It’s not like there was a ‘vibrant and diverse’ utopia pre-WoW, given that the biggest successes were still adopting Diku formulae.

            WoW’s unprecedented success inspired a lot more variety than was already occurring in that space, in fact. For every WoW copycat, there was an aspirant trying to do something different to distinguish themselves from the copies.

            They’ve since pretty much all faileded when compared to WoW’s impossibly high standards, but the survivors have also generally done much better than their pre-WoW predecessors purely by virtue of the enormous demand for MMOs in general which was almost exclusively created by the splash WoW made.

            So it isn’t that WoW has killed MMO innovation so much as people want what WoW was selling more than they’ve wanted what others were capable of.

    • i didn’t specifically plan to but I did plan my break to line up with the long weekend… make up days since I had to go to work on new year eve / day due to an infrastructure emergency

      EA access is pretty good if you have the time to finish a few games (well any rental service in general I guess).

  • Looking forward to the demo, not looking forward to the hate. While Division had issues at launched people still expected a brand new franchise to be insanely perfect out of the gate. It will never ever be. Especially an always online game.

    So I am guessing this will be like Destiny and the Division and sort of like ESO, where there will be this core of mature players who accept things are rough, but see the rough diamond and find things to like about it and support it until it gets better… meanwhile there will always be this section of the community who wont settle for a ‘dont like it’, they will be going off about EA, going off about Bioware, like broken records.

    Lets face it Destiny came out in Sept 2014, and still to this day there are people whose greatest hobby is to troll place and calling the game dead. Sadly this is Anthems future as well.

  • I am so hype, so on-board, demo already pre-loaded, ready to spend a very good chunk of the long weekend on this.

    That said… They keep using these words, ‘different’ and ‘unique.’ I don’t think those words mean what Bioware thinks they mean.

    Because right now, it looks a hell of a lot to me like their ground-breaking, innovative approach to integrating story with online is to follow an identical philosophy to Destiny and The Division.

    From everything they’ve advertised, we’re getting a single-playable linear campaign with the player as the protagonist, followed by – or adjacent to – loosely-related, harder, group-focused content, followed by or adjacent to randomly-generated daily/weekly/open-world event/mission/contracts found in hubs or the open world, right? Just like every other not-quite-MMO, many MMOs, and every other online-only looter-shooter?

    If so, I’m not seeing how that’s unique or different or in any way whatsoever solving unresolved problems with that structure.

    I’m sure I’m going to love the game for its moment-to-moment and for the duration that games exactly like this tend to hold my attention, but it’s a bit much to think that they’ve ‘solved the problem’ or are really in any way structurally different.

    • Yeah I’m pretty interested at this point, but Bioware’s marketing has had a lot of “we came up with this totally new solution” which is either hyperbolic spin, or suggests that they’ve got a bad case of silo mentality and haven’t looked at the market at all. Hoping it’s not the latter.

      I assume you’re going to be in on the VIP demo. PC?

      • PS4. Dani’s getting it, no-question, which means we’ll be playing side-by-side, TV-by-TV on the couch.

        That said, I’ll be limited in demo-play to when Dani’s out, because she’s ridiiiiiiiiculously ‘spoiler’-averse, and considers even watching trailers to be ‘spoilers’.

        I’m gonna have to log in to the demo on her machine for her, so she can get the demo-exclusive cosmetic vinyl. 😛

  • I played the Alpha and sadly its 3rd person only and it felt like a terrible console port. Console players might enjoy it but on PC its crap and after the tweets from them the pc controls are still whack for the beta. I would much rather invest my $ in Metro and Div 2 next month and march. Im sure ea will find a way to break the game like they have with bf 5 pc

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