Boxes Within Boxes Within Boxes

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Packing your life away into boxes is no fun. I'm in the progress of doing just that so that I can move back to Brisbane next month although it seems like my board game collection is proving to be a minor hindrance.

Who would've thought a pile of boxes would be so hard to pack?

Most of my board game collection was easy to pack. They came in similar sized boxes that fit neatly into the moving boxes. Simple. Easy. Effective.

Considering that board game packaging exists for two purposes: easy shipping and looking pretty on shelves, you'd think that the rest of my collection would be similarly easy to pack.

Nope. Board games don't come in standard sized boxes. Sometimes the publishers try to cram as much as they can into a box and take the smallest one that happens to fit everything. Other times they take a larger box that looks good on the store shelf so that the game looks like better value. Even those two approaches results in countless different sized and shaped boxes.

It's a minor frustration but a frustration nonetheless. I've got an easy solution for the stragglers of my collection that don't easily fit with the rest of my board games: stick them in with random other items.

Finding them later might prove difficult. That's a problem for future me.

Even when not moving, finding ways to store and display board games can be a problem because of the disparity between box sizes. The IKEA Kallax shelves have been popular in the board game community for a long time because of their simple, cube shelves. For most games, they're fantastic. For every other situation, there's always a semi-organised pile on the floor.


    I have over 100 games and can relate. The Kallax shelves do work well, and they make finding and displaying games easy.

    Just went through some irritation over this with the RE2 boardgame showing up today. Four gigantic equally-sized boxes where the contents of the last three could easily fit into just one of them. Pretty annoyed.

    Solve this issue by giving them away to loyal Kotaku readers!

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