Capcom Really Loves Remaking Resident Evil 2

Capcom Really Loves Remaking Resident Evil 2

For many fans, Resident Evil 2 is their favourite game in the long running horror franchise. Later this month Capcom will finally release the Resident Evil 2 remake for PS4, Xbox One and PC. But this isn’t the first time Capcom has remade or re-imagined Resident Evil 2.

The Sphere Hunter has made a great video showcasing all the times Capcom has remade or reused RE2 locations, characters or story moments in other Resident Evil games. I knew about some of these, but it really is surprising how often Capcom went back to RE2.

From Resident Evil Zero to Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Capcom has been remaking bits of RE2 for years. Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles even included a campaign that reimagined the entire storyline of the classic horror game as an arcade shooter.


  • It’s great, I’ve never been able to play a Resident Evil game before RE5 because they all use hardware I don’t and will never own, looking forward to playing this. Although it’s too bad they decided to make him so ugly in this newest iteration.

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