Competitive Halo Goes Old School With The Halo 3 Classic Tournament 

Competitive Halo Goes Old School With The Halo 3 Classic Tournament 

While the competitive Halo scene has been losing some steam in recent years, there’s no end of love and nostalgia for the earlier games in the series, especially Halo 3. This weekend a mix of pro teams and grass roots teams will duke it out in St. Louis in the first of many Halo 3 tournaments in 2019 as 343 Industries takes a few steps back from promoting big Halo 5 events.

Good games never go out of style though, even if players get to know them like the back of their controllers. Just look at Smash Bros. Melee, released six years before Halo 3. As players wait for the release of Halo: Infinite, now’s as perfect a time as ever to dig back into the series’ past with a $US30,000 ($41,574) prize pool Halo Classic tournament. The teams will even be playing according to “MLG v8” rules established by Major League Gaming back in the game’s late 2000s heyday with the likes of premier teams like Reciprocity and Tox, the latter of which recently won both DreamHack Atlanta and HCS London, competing alongside amateur squads showing off the skills they honed a decade ago in the dorm room and at home.

Matches started today at 3:00 p.m. ET and are set to finish on Sunday by midnight, with mini-tournaments for other Halo games taking place on the side. The main action will be streaming live on UGC’s Twitch channel, while you can find matches for Halo 1 streaming on Skillshot during the day on Saturday.

Elsewhere you can catch the Last Chance qualifiers for tournament organisers VNM’s upcoming Fortnite Duos League Finale on its Twitch channel.

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