Detective Pikachu Trailer Just Dealt A Fart Joke 

Detective Pikachu Trailer Just Dealt A Fart Joke 

Since 1996, when Pokémon debuted, I have not once wondered whether or not a Pikachu can fart. Then I watched the latest Detective Pikachu trailer.

The film is the first live-action Hollywood adaptation of the world of Pokémon, fart jokes and all. Is this movie canon?

I’m not anti-fart joke! Not at all.

This trailer ain’t George Carlin, sure, but at least we now know Pokémon can fart. I guess!


  • I don’t see a problem. You know who some of the target audience is? You know they like fart jokes right? I can see a 12 year old frothing over the concept of a pokemon pulling a fart joke

  • It looks like such a dark creepy take on pokemon. How the hell is this movie a thing? I cant wait to see it.

  • 100% agree with whatareyoutalkingabeet, viewing this as an adult is of course going to make you think “do we really need this?” But as a child who this movie is marketed at is going to love the idea. I think there could be plenty of reason why this movie might not live up to expectations, but this I don’t this is a reason to question a movie.

  • An aside, is the ‘Pokemon, Detective Pikachu’ voice at the end the narrator for the anime? It sounds close, but I’ve only heard that voice through a distorted low-quality pass

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