Do You Have Any Idea What’s Happening In Kingdom Hearts?

Do You Have Any Idea What’s Happening In Kingdom Hearts?
Image: Square Enix

The wait is almost over, Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out next week and with it comes a lot of nonsense about darkness, light, hearts, time travel, keyblades and χ-blades.

I have no intention of ever trying to work out what’s going on and that won’t hamper my enjoyment of KH3 one iota.

Kingdom Hearts‘ plot is a glorious mess. The sprawling tale covers numerous games across multiple platforms. It got a little bit easier to play everything when the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue bundles were released on Playstation 4.

People have made their best efforts to try and pull everything together. I applaud them for their efforts but that’s not for me.

Kingdom Hearts Is Weirdly Similar To Twin Peaks

I’ve been leisurely playing through my copy of Kingdom Hearts II on the PS4 the past week, and while playing the other day I was struck by an odd thought: “This is just like Twin Peaks.” I immediately took to Twitter, and I was instantly goaded into writing about this thought. So here we are.

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The way I see it, Kingdom Hearts is a series where you get to hang out with all of your favourites from Disney films while bopping bad dudes on the head with a keyblade.

That there is a plot beyond that is nice for the people that are into it. I’m more than content shouting “Yay, Simba!” like a excited toddler.

How about you? Have you tried to work out what’s going on in Kingdom Hearts or it all of that plot just something that happens while you’re playing with your Disney pals?

Kingdom Hearts 3 releases on PS4 and Xbox One on January 29.


  • Sounds a bit like the Zelda timeline. There apparently is on that ties everything together and had multiple timelines or something. I just enjoy each game as it’s own thing.

  • Street date is already broken and the story was leaked. A lot of people are discussing it on GameFAQS and if it’s true, that kinda asspull is just a disservice to fans. Hopefully the day one patch helps wrap things up.

  • I wouldn’t be hanging so bad if I didn’t.

    Obviously with the addition of the master of masters in the short film and the events from birth by sleep there is a lot of new mysteries and juicy theories abound but I’m all up to date to start KHIII

  • No.

    I understand Death Stranding more than I understand Kingdom Hearts, and that’s not even a real video game yet.

  • I’ll just wait to watch the recap video SE is adding to KH3 on launch date. That will cover everything anyone would need to know for #3, if they’ve done it right.

  • I intend to completely ignore the story.

    I tried to watch a 40 minute story recap on YouTube and it is utterly ridiculous. Makes zero sense. Which is honestly par for the course with Square Enix.

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