Fortnite Streamer’s Friend Gives Him $75,000 Donation

Fortnite Streamer’s Friend Gives Him $75,000 Donation

“Wait a minute,” said Fortnite streamer Exotic Chaotic upon noticing the number of digits in a donation he received on Twitch earlier this week. “That can’t be right.” He was so stunned that he stopped playing to check his PayPal. There it was: $US75,000 ($103,985).

Exotic Chaotic stood up and lost his shit. “DUDE,” he bellowed while spinning around in incredulous celebratory circles. “WHAT IS THAT SHIT?”

It turned out that that shit, which many are saying marks a new Twitch record for most money donated in a single go, came from fellow Fortnite streamer and friend KingMascot. For a moment, though, Exotic Chaotic was convinced that somebody was trying to get a rise out of him with a fake donation.

“At first I thought my moderator ‘IEsh’ was messing with me,” he told Kotaku today via DM. “He sometimes would test $US100 ($139) donations through Streamlabs just to set the alert off and startle me, so at first it was [like] ‘Oh, this must be a joke.’ Then I checked my PayPal and saw $US72,000 ($99,826) on hold and then kind of just examined everything about it for a bit—trying to make sure it was real money. It cleared 24 hours after he donated.”

The streamer who made the donation, KingMascot, says he did it because he wanted to help his friend during a financially difficult time.

“I do not have a very high income,” Exotic Chaotic said. “My girlfriend has worked full-time to support my career as a Fortnite streamer, so I owe it to her and my four-year-old son to protect and grow this money for their futures.”

KingMascot, who could afford to line his pal’s pockets because he was an early investor in Bitcoin and now trades stocks, had the idea for the mega-donation last fall, but it took a while to get it into place.

“It’s been a month since I knew I was gonna do it, but PayPal wasn’t the easiest to work with,” he said. “Felt timing [was] right for around the holidays so they could have a great start to the year.

KingMascot said that he’s since received thousands of messages in the aftermath, most of them kind messages of support, a few of them just people asking for money.

Exotic Chaotic said his friendship with KingMascot arose from their shared passion for collecting every cosmetic available in Fortnite, but he was “very surprised” about the donation.

“He’s mentioned since that he didn’t like how my internet issues had scared off a lot of viewership I had had after winning tournaments like Ninja Vegas,” Exotic Chaotic said. “He said that influenced a little bit of his decision to make my year.”

Exotic Chaotic had recently won $US30,000 ($41,594) in Fortnite’s Fall Skirmish series, but he was unable to hold onto it because his old car “wasn’t even safe to drive,” and he badly needed a new one. This money, though, he said he can meter out more wisely.

Exotic Chaotic hopes to someday pay this kindness forward.

“It’s very fun making bigger donations and seeing how happy it makes them,” he said. “If I grow my stream to an extent, I will definitely make other streamers very happy. I did decide to pay one of my supporters a big chunk of change for helping me get this far and designing a lot of my stuff and giving me advice… But for all I know, this will only happen once, so I need to make sure I take advantage of the opportunity and secure my son’s future and repay my gf for believing in me.”


  • It’s some next level bullshit trying to be a fortnite streamer or any streamer for that manner when you and your partner are doing it tough and they are working full-time to “support” you and your child/children, it’s not a career it’s a hobby that can pay a lot or nothing.

    It’s like someone being a “struggling artist” it’s not a job even if you have to stack shelves at the supermarket or clean toilets support your family first.

    • Completely agree with you. And then wins 30k and spends it on a car but still struggling financially. Buy a 10k OK car that does what it needs to and be financially responsible with the rest if you’re struggling. But people will do what people do.

    • Glad someone else said this, he should get a real job and put some damn money on the table for his family. His girlfriend must be a very patient woman.

      • Any job which makes money is a real job. I’d like to know how his average income from streaming compares to part-time work at Coles, even that is hard to get these days. Plus, doing the same thing for most of the day every day, isn’t that exactly what a freaking job is? You can’t say he’s having much more fun than anyone else.

    • And with majority chance was hit with a windfall of money that no other streamers will ever see. Thats a big gamble to take for someone with a partner and a kid.

    • Fucking this. These aren’t jobs, they’re just donations. The smart ones will take those donations and use them to make more money with investment or something.

    • I work full time to support my wife, I don’t hear people shouting from the rooftops for her to go out and get a job.
      You don’t know their situation, roll back your internet rage and take a breath.

      • The article says that he was going through a difficult time financialy and “I do not have a very high income,” Exotic Chaotic said. “My girlfriend has worked full-time to support my career as a Fortnite streamer,
        It’s not an income they are donations and its not a career, it’s like busking or panhandling you rely on others for handouts.

        I have seen a few people who stream as a hobby and sometimes very rarely get big enough to make it something they can live off most of them have a real job first.

    • You seem to assume that his wife is not ok with him trying to make a career from playing games. Supporting your partner while they try to build up an income from doing something they love is how couples work together to break out of their mediocre existence. I worked fulltime to support my partner for 5 years while she got her writing career off the ground. Now she makes enough income to support me while I work on my new project. We never have an excess of money, but we get by, while enjoying our life.
      “it’s not a career, it’s a hobby” – you sound like my father. News flash, people can and are making careers out of gaming and streaming. They all have to start somewhere, and yes that often means lean times. If he fails at least he tried. Beats the shit out of cleaning toilets for a living (see what I did there?).

  • I feel like Mr Beast has donated $75-100k to random people at least 3-4 times. Then dozens in the $30-50k mark. Which makes this cool, but not particularly outlandish or unique.

  • “My girlfriend has worked full-time to support my career as a Fortnite streamer, so I owe it to her and my four-year-old son to protect and grow this money for their futures.”

    Seriously needs to evaluate his life choices, you’re putting playing a video game in front of looking after your child. Grow up. Get a job and be an example for your son.

    • So what you’re saying is don’t follow your dreams (or at least try). Instead be miserable working in a job you hate for minimum wage, right?
      Yeah, his son will be son will be so impressed by that, and will almost definitely follow in his footsteps.

  • I’d love to see my wife’s face if I pulled that one on her.
    “Honey, I’d love to start streaming video games to earn us a living.” I’d be kicked out of the door so damn fast.

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