Fortnite YouTuber Dabs For 10 Hours, Makes $2000

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Luke TheNotable streamed the entirety of Fortnite’s “Infinite Dab” animation, which runs for ten hours. For his efforts, he got $2,770 from donations, 6000 new subscribers, a pair of broken headphones (from dabbing too hard), and a whole lot of dab-induced shoulder pain.

Back in December, Fortnite’s notes for their 7.10 patch included this little snippet:

Dab for days with the new emoting power of the Infinite Dab in the lobby!

  • Lasts 10 hours.

Could this be a way to make Fortnite streamers boost their stream lengths, keeping Fortnite on the front page of Twitch? Is it a coincidence that 10 hours is the maximum length of YouTube videos*? Either way, Fortnite players are now able to do the popular (allegedly stolen) dance move in the lobby for almost half a day.

Luke TheNotable calculates his DPH (Dabs per Hour) at around 7200, meaning that his character, ignoring a couple of animation hiccups, dabbed around 72,000 times during the 10-hour stream.

Viewers could donate to join him in the lobby, dabbing along behind Luke TheNotable or just chatting to him and cheering him on. The largest one-off donation was $312 from Kevgamer99, and over 300 people donated over the course of the stream, adding up to the final $2,770 total.

What did he do with all that newfound fame and riches? He donated it to other streamers! Luke TheNotable browsed around on YouTube Gaming, dropping hundreds of dollars on unsuspecting streamers, including one French streamer. “He doesn’t speak English, but let’s see if he speaks money,” said Luke. “C’est pas possible,” said the streamer.

“Please don’t do this,” Luke TheNotable says in his video. “If you do this correctly, at the end, literally nothing happens. I just really don’t wanna hear about any of you guys messing yourself up trying to do what I did. You could get hurt. I broke my headphones.”

*Actually, it’s 12 hours. But all the memes are 10 hours.


    After reading this, I finally know what I need to do.

    Kill myself. Just so I can avoid cringing this hard at the youth of today.

      Grandpa: I used to be with ‘it’, but then they changed what ‘it’ was. Now what I’m with isn’t ‘it’ anymore and what’s ‘it’ seems weird and scary. It’ll happen to you!

    It's amazing what people find entertaining these day's. I loose a little more hope in humanity every day.

    This is the other side of yesterday's 'my girlfriend has to work full time to support my streaming career' coin...

    .......................... so........... he pressed a button.......... and then sat there for 10 hours talking shit.

    *slow clap of complete and utter disgust*

      Fuck me, I thought he was at least doing the dance himself for the ten hours. How is this worth money let alone a headline.

    I sometimes feel guilty that I'm employed in an office job. I don't contribute much to the greater good, like a doctor, or a firefighter or a teacher might. I could do more with my time, and at times, I feel guilty.

    Then I read of crap like this and I don't feel bad anymore.

    He earned roughly my hourly pay-rate and definitely obtained a greater sense of job satisfaction..... no hate from me

    Hangon, at least he gave the money away to other streamers! Which says something of his character and self regulation. Chill out internets!

    Seems streaming has finally jumped the shark. Gimmicks seem to be the only thing left.

    It's nice he donated the money, but I still need to go over here and vomit up the entire contents of my anatomy


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