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Nvidia's keynote for CES 2019 had a surprise special trailer for Anthem, showing off Nvidia's AI-powered anti-aliasing tech and some new gameplay.

Bioware's action-adventure, which is due out in just over a month, made a surprise appearance as part of the GPU-centric section of Nvidia's keynote. The 4K video shows off a few more environments and graphics, as well as some short snippets of gameplay.

Anthem is due out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 22.


    More vague bullshit, but this time it's also an advert. Yay.

    After all the fun I had with "designed on PCs, for PCs" Inquisition, EA... I humbly recommend you shove it up your arse. I'm not falling for another crappy port-job.

    Always wanted to fly like Iron Man

      No problem! That'll be $4.99.

      Fuel's a very reasonable 99c per tank.
      50 tanks best value at $34.99!

      Want purple jetpack flames? Try our 'Deep Purple Pack' for $2.99!


      This is why EA is making a live service game. The same reason Bethesda farted out Fallout 76. I get you're optimistic and want to try it and enjoy it, and for your sake I hope EA takes a stand. But seriously? EA is pure trash (albeit no more trash than Activision and co nowadays).

      Here's betting their current gameplan is to release the game in a reasonable state for review, then patch it 3 months after launch and literally DROWN it in trashy, unethical, fun-sucking microtransactions.

      Hope I'm wrong. But there's nothing new here.

    I watched the game play video posted by IGN today and it looks really average, nice graphics but that's about it. The game seems to be a go here, push button, kill enemy waves, move on, repeat much like Desitny. Also the voice acting was terrible and very lame sounding.

    I hope I'm wrong and this game is awesome but I just don't see it being more than a fun weekend at best.

    This game will crash and burn

      Yep. I'm struggling to work out who the intended audience is?

        People who like games that have 'grind' style games. WoW, Warframe, Destiny, Diablo etc..
        Sure the game play will be repetitive at some stages or maybe the game is built on repetitive. Everyone has their own taste to each of their own. As a wise man said "either accept it or don’t buy the game"

        If this game published by a different studio but had the same developers..I wonder what people's reactions would be..

    I feel sorry for bioware. :(

    EA aint getting a cent from me for this.

    Literally, every javelin looks dorky and ugly to me. When I think Mecha there are many inspirations to draw from but for me, the two biggest are Gundam/Code Geass and Iron-Man. They both take a specific direct design language and expand upon it. These suits look like some kid trying to be sci-fi and make screws and bolts visible and nuts protruding. Honestly hideous to me, graphics are nice though.

    Also as much as I watch all the gameplay it just looks like the same issue The Division has with enemies being bullet sponges which people will complain about.

    Wow, so much hate in the comments from people I highly doubt have even played it yet. Might be one or two, but I cant see it from the comments.

    I played the alpha, and the gameplay is there. Yes, its plays similar to Destiny so if thats not your cup of tea, just move on. But is that a bad thing?

    Judge the game on release, not what you're seeing in these snippets.

      I think it's really unnecessary.
      It's easy to hate big bad EA and conveniently forget all those who put every ounce of effort into making it the best they could. I too played the Alpha and I think it will be great fun on release.

        So im not allowed to hold negative views on EA because some poor dev might get upset i dont like a game they worked on?

      This is what they chose to use as promo material, so this what I'll use to judge it. Also, a game that keeps pestering me with pre-order nonsense doesn't get "wait and see."

        This is what I mean though. You're judging it on a minute long video that's essentially a tech demo, and along the way ignoring the near hour long videos out there showing actual gameplay. They aren't hard to find, so if your ignoring those it seems to be because you've prejudged the game based on the company behind it, not the game itself.

        You don't judge a movie from a 15 second teaser, why do the equivalent here?

        As for the pre-order stuff, what do you expect them to do? The game is scheduled to be out next month, its called advertising. Suddenly them doing what every game in history has done is a bad thing? Give me a break.

        People are pissed with EA, I get it. I don't blame them, they've done some shady crap in the last couple of years with microtransactions and pay to win. But judge the game on its own merits, not some pre-conceived assumptions that may not even happen.

        If it is pay to win, I'll be in the line slamming it myself, but until then, what I've seen stacks up nicely. It does the same thing Halo, Destiny, Warframe, and all those similar games do. Gives a solid shooter experience.

          I'm sorry I didn't mention those videos that the article isn't about. What was I thinking?

          (I've seen them, and "meh". Clumsy-looking shooting and overly pretty graphics as a distraction. Just like 57 other games already out. They keep claiming story is still a thing, yet there's been like 15 seconds to back that up.)

          Advertising is what it is... unless people are telling me not to base purchases on it, and just blindly pay +100 bucks while hoping for the best. I wish you luck with that.

          Last edited 08/01/19 12:08 pm

            If you've seen the other vids, fair enough. What you wrote I read as you basing your opinion just on this promo vid mainly because of:
            this what I'll use to judge it

            Look, if its not your thing, fair enough. Its really not much different to other shoot and loots, but that by itself doesn't make it a bad game. This will appeal nor not appeal to people for the same reasons people play(ed) Halo, Destiny, Warframe, or any FPS really.

            So many comments here have judged and executed the game already though, without experiencing it. And from what I can see, its a backlash at EA rather than the game.

            If that's not you, I apologise. I misread your reply.

            As for story, that's just the coatrack to hang the game off. I liked Destiny 2's campaign myself, but it wasn't what made me keep playing once I was done with it. Story matters still, but only to a point. This isn't t a single player game so isn't what players are looking for. It'll be the online component that decides. And that part didn't look bad to me when I played it.

      Im sorry.

      I didn't realize holding negative opinions of anthem is against the law.

      I'll try better next time officer internet.

        Is it Anthem you have a negative opinion of, or EA?


          Its not like EA has a track record or anything of making shitty games:

          Battlefield V
          Command and Conquer Rivals
          Mass Effect: Andromeda
          Need for Speed Payback
          Star Wars Battlefront II
          Dungeon Keeper Mobile
          Deadspace 3

    I just wish this game would give me a reason to care. The closest it got was the game awards trailer that hinted at a villain with maybe some depth to him, but they've shown so little of anything but gameplay that I just can't help but expect it to be like destiny where I come out ultimately unattached to anyone or anything in the world aside from my gear.
    When I compare to how well ME2 and ME3's trailers had me hyped for the actual story... I dunno, it just feels like Bioware isn't even trying to sell that side of the game despite their insistence that it's there.

    No thanks. I'll stick with Warframe, my current power suit clad, Shoot'n'Loot ninja antics obsession. The flight system looks like it could be fun as a movement and positioning mechanic but so far all the footage I've seen shows it as being a "Get to the next waypoint" mechanism.

      While it felt predominantly a movement tool in the alpha, its more than that. A lot of the skills gain benefits from hovering and flying while using them, and it becomes part of the tactics to manage it correctly. Some builds massively rely on flying to be super effective.

      A couple of the leads were messing about on a stream a few weeks ago with higher end stuff, and showed a couple of loadouts that used flying as a key part of their effectiveness.

      But if Warframe is doing it for you, theres no real reason to jump onto Anthem right away. I'm just getting into Warframe myself, and see a lot of similarities.

    Alcohol Reference
    Use Of Tabacoo
    Is this really the kind of shit that they need warnings for, what next
    "May contain Cake" so all the fatties won't get triggered and binge eat the McDonald's menu

    Nice graphics, empty world, bad acting and writing, go from A to B - scan and repeat. Same stuff we've seen before.

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