Hitman Developers Set Up New Swedish Office

Hitman Developers Set Up New Swedish Office
Image: Steam

IO Interactive became an independent studio back in June 2017 after a painful split from Square Enix. Following the release of Hitman 2, it appears that the Danish studio are on the up and up and have opened a new office in the Swedish city of Malmö.

IO Interactive have spread out to become an international developer with a new office in Malmö, Sweden. Yes, it’s only a 40 minute drive from their other offices in Copenhagen, Denmark but it’s still a cool and exciting thing for a studio that has had its fare share of hard times in recent years following their separation from Square Enix.

“We are super excited and proud to announce IOI Malmö. We will expand IOI to join a buzzling game developer community and bring our own unique IOI culture to this amazing town”, says Hakan Abrak, IO Interactive CEO in a statement released last week.

“The IOI expansion in Malmö was a natural choice as there is a very strong existing video game industry. I believe it has all opportunities to become the epicentre of game development in Scandinavia.”

[IO Interactive]

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