Hitman Headlines February’s PlayStation Plus Lineup

Hitman Headlines February’s PlayStation Plus Lineup
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If you never played 2016’s Hitman on its own or via the levels’ inclusion in Hitman 2, this month’s PS Plus lineup will help you rectify your grave error. As always, these games are only “free” if you have an active PlayStation Plus membership.

February’s PlayStation Plus games are:

PlayStation 4

  • Hitman

  • For Honor

PlayStation 3

  • Divekick (crossbuy with Vita)

  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

PlayStation Vita (crossbuy with PS4)

  • Gunhouse

  • Rogue Aces

(This month’s PS3 and Vita games will be available for download until March 8, in anticipation of the platforms’ removal from PS Plus after that date.)


  • I’ve seen some speculation recently that Sony may not pull the PS3 and Vita from PS Plus, at least not yet. Speculation is based on the simple fact that ever since they announced they were shuttering the platforms, there has been approximately zero more comments from Sony.

    Which has become strange given how close we are to the actual date. You’d expect there to be something new confirming the closing of the service, or reminding people that its happening.

    I hope the speculation is accurate, as PS Plus for those older platforms serves a good purpose to a lot of people, plus gives reasons to still use that old tech. Guess we’ll find out in 5 weeks or so.

      • Bugger. That’s the first reaffirmation from Sony since they first announced the shuttering of those platforms. Ah well.

        I’ve grabbed the games up until this point, but haven’t gotten around to actually downloading them for most of them. Hard drive space being limited and all that. But they’re on my available list.

        I wonder if they’ll still be there come next month, or whether it means every PS3 game previously available suddenly disappears whether you ‘bought’ them or not.

        • It’s been confirmed that as long as you ‘purchase’ the game you don’t have to have downloaded it for it to still be available to you. There were some people anxious they’d have to try and download all the PS+ games on their HDDs to avoid losing them.

  • A lot of the Hitman levels have been free in the past, but I only remembered to grab one (the Italian Villa or something like that). Figured I’d get an hour or so out of it. Ended up spending 10+ hours on one level. It’s a GREAT game.

  • I’ve been wanting to jump back in to For Honor For a while but beleive it is pretty much but dead. Hopefully this is the boost it needs. Great month

    • I reckon it will be fun. Never bought the game but plus players always bring good times. Bloodborne was alive and jumping for months and months after it went on plus thanks to new people giving it a go and people like me going “oh shit, this would be an excellent time to start my arcane tentacles run”.

  • Any idea which version of for honor it is though? If it’s the basic starter version, people won’t hang around long

  • Bloody finally got hit man thru game pass as am a mild fan of the past games but fuck me dead if i wasn’t completely overwhelmed upon jumping in. Was getting the hang of it, knocked out some model guy, went and got my makeup done as him and then bam failed that particular route, I guess I must have taken too long so I couldn’t walk the catwalk ( growl) and thus could no longer meet up with the target. Put me off a bit. I know I can restart but damn it’s getting harder for me to get into games these days :/

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