How Was Your Christmas And New Year?

How Was Your Christmas And New Year?

For everyone who’s only back from the Christmas/New Year break this week – welcome, welcome. Has the start of 2019 and the holidays been good to you? That’s this week’s Off Topic.

It’s been a little while since we’ve had some non-gaming chatter, and touching upon the joy of holidays is always a good way to start. New Year’s was fairly muted personally, although not in a bad way. I was looking forward to a smaller, quieter affair, and just spending time with a small group of friends was far better than getting lost in a gargantuan crowd.

Christmas was a good chance to reconnect with family. My mother had been battling cancer for the majority of the year, to the point where everyone was genuinely concerned that she might not see the year out. Fortunately a bit of luck fell our way, and the family was together for a Christmas Eve dinner once more.

Beyond that, it was just a bit of work (skeleton staff and all) and camping under the aircon. Because the days immediately preceding Boxing Day were hot as balls, and our aircon only covers one room of the house.

What did you get up to over the Christmas and New Year? What’d you cook, where’d you go, and how was it?


  • @sernobulus came down and we played a bunch of boardgames. 5 minute dungeon and patchwork were good fun.
    I also forced him to play we love Katamari after he completed Katamari damacy.

  • 2018 can go to hell as far as I am concerned.
    What was a difficult year ended with the worst month of my life.
    In summary:
    Wife goes in for a planned fairly simple (although my wife’s health is complicated) surgery.
    Wife get’s infection.
    Wife nearly dies.
    Ends up in hospital for 2 1/2 weeks (was meant to be 1 – 2 days) with about 4 or 5 days in ICU.
    On the plus side she got out Christmas Eve.
    Although still connected to a bottle thing pumping antibiotics 24 hours a day.
    That came out on 30th December.
    Christmas itself was small but lovely. Also managed to catch up with some friends and have some nice times.
    But now I am back at work whilst feeling like I have not had a break at all.

  • Sorry to hear about your mum Alex.
    A couple of friends are going through something similar and seeing them go through it is horrible.
    I’m hoping all the best for you and your family.

    Otherwise I worked both Christmas and new years lucky me. But still had plenty of time to see family and friends over the break.

  • Went up to visit my folks for the week – made sushi for Christmas and Boxing Day lunches, played a few games of mahjongg with my mum, and stated reading the Malazan series (got the first three books for Christmas, and practically finished the first book by NYE). Overall, a pretty relaxed break.

  • My break was lousy. Christmas Day and NYE plans were cancelled at the last minute, my toilet broke, lounge broke, and I had a tooth decide to break off at the gum line. It was boring, painful, and expensive. Oh, and my apartment block had a cracked water pipe 2 days before Christmas, so that’s gonna end up costing me as well once the strata managers bill us.

    On the plus side, the family get together on boxing day had zero arguments, which was the first time in decades, so that was nice. And I’m now under 100 days to retirement.

  • Lead up to xmas was pretty crap, flat put at work then social obligations to see people you don’t like just because it’s christmas. Ignored phone calls from my sister that uses her child as a weapon to guilt people into doing things for her. Went back home for a few days to see the family until my dad pissed me off enough I went back home. Then had a great new years with close friends. Got a few days at home so I could get some things done on my hobbies spent way to much money and my first 2 days back at work have both been 11hour days. Looks like 2019 is more of the same.

  • My mother and I (we live in the same house) had a quiet Christmas together.

    Not to get into too much detail but we have not been home for Christmas since 2014 so it was nice to finally celebrate at home for a change.

    I even think our pet cat appreciated it. Since we got him, we have not been home and he has been in the cattery. So this is also the first Christmas with all three of us.

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