I Can’t Stop Buying Resident Evil 4

I Can’t Stop Buying Resident Evil 4

When I was younger, Resident Evil 4 looked so cool. I remember being so excited to play it. Then I found out that it was only going to be released on the Nintendo Gamecube, which I didn’t own.

My dreams were shattered because I was a dumb kid and didn’t realise that one day it would come to more consoles. Since that sad moment in my life, RE4 has been released on nearly every platform. And I can’t stop buying it every time a new port is released.

When it was announced last year that RE4 is coming to the Switch in 2019, I remember getting really excited. I might have even pumped my fist. Then I realised that I was cheering about being able to buy and play a game that I have beaten multiple times and already own on five platforms.

What is wrong with me? Considering that Capcom keeps releasing RE 4 on every new console, it seems I’m not alone in my Resident Evil 4 obsession. So actually, what’s wrong with all of us?

I currently own Resident Evil 4 on: Xbox 360, PS4, PS2, Wii, PC and Xbox One. I even played that awful Android port that nobody remembers. Did you know that RE4 was released on a console called the Zeebo? This console was only available in Mexico & Brazil and I spent way too much time actually trying to buy one. Seriously, what is wrong with me?

At this point I’ve made my peace with the fact that I’ll never stop buying Resident Evil 4. When the inevitable PS5 port is released, I’ll buy it and play it.

What’s a game that you can’t stop buying? Every time a port is announced you just HAVE to pick it up. Share your shame.


  • I mean, to be fair, the game is incredible. Just this month I started a new run on Professional Mode, taking my time as I moved through the Pueblo and surrounding countryside, in chapters 1 & 2. The atmosphere draws me back every time.

    (And yeah, me too I’m with you brother, I’ve bought it for the PS2, PS3, & PS4).

  • Whilst we joke about it, at least Capcom has generally maintained a fairly healthy approach to ensuring its titles are playable on the latest systems, unlike others (cough, Konami, cough)

  • I’ve only played RE4 on GC so this will be my second time buying it and I can’t wait. It was definitely one of my favourite titles on GC so it will be amazing to finally play it again.

  • I have beaten it on GameCube aboit 20 times. Beat the wii version a few times I. Not sure IF ill get on switch.

  • As far as I can recall, I have never bought a game twice.

    I’ve played Zelda: A Link to the Past multiple times on different platforms, but only bought the original NES cartidge the day the game was released.

  • I’ve purchased REMake twice, RE2 at least three times, Code: Veronica twice, RE4 twice, RE5 twice (no accounting for taste, I know).

    The Resident Evil series is just great. Even when it’s stupid and campy it’s GREAT and stupid and campy.

  • I own two or more copies of every numbered Final Fantasy game up to 12 (including X-2). Technically I have “owned” two copies of 13 (plus sequels) and 15 but really that was just trading in a physical edition and then purchasing the digital edition. I don’t buy every port but generally I buy new console ports. (Here’s looking at you FFXII, X/X-2, 7 and 9 on Switch)

  • RE4’s easily one of my most favourite games ever but I’ve still only got the one GCN copy. I make it a point to not buy games I already own. The few exceptions are a bnuch of Japanese copies of things I picked up while over there because they have cool box art and were cheap as chips (Wild Trax, Minon Everyday Hero), or the Japanese copy of F-zero X I needed to be able to play the expansion kit. Something like Mario Advance 4 when I already own SMB3/All Stars is fine because it adds a whole load of new to the original game. If the only new thing a re-release adds is “you can play it on [newer console] now” then it’s not worth picking up.

    • I would pick it up on sale just for the Seperate Ways campaign that wasnt in the Gamecube version.

    • There are a number of things not on the GC version. New weapon, two extra story expansions, and iirc costumes

  • I feel like one of the few people who couldn’t get into the game. Maybe because I never played the older ones either, but I’m not a big fan of the feel of RE4.

    • I never played any other RE games either and RE4 is probably right up there with the best games I’ve played. Incredible atmosphere and the first level in the town with the chainsaw guy when they all start breaking into the house you’ve fortified yourself in…

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