In The First Gen:LOCK Trailer, Humans And Epic Mechas Become One

In The First Gen:LOCK Trailer, Humans And Epic Mechas Become One

In the futuristic world of Rooster Teeth’s upcoming animated series gen:LOCK, international conflicts are no longer fought with traditional weapons, but with sophisticated, humanoid mechas that can only be piloted by unique individuals.

The series follows Vanguard pilot Julian Chase (Michael B. Jordan), who is called upon to join the latest battle to protect his people from their foes. But Julian’s prowess on the field leads to an unexpected turn of events that change his life – and might just turn the tide on the war he’s so committed to winning.

gen:LOCK hits Rooster Teeth on January 26 (though it might hit a day later in Australia due to the time difference).


  • it’ll probably come out here on the 27th around 2 or 3am AEDT; that’s around the time they usually update the site/app for episodes, and usually with RWBY.

  • The animation of the people is odd but the mechs and action look good. Its certainly no Gundam but will suffice.

    • From what I have heard, they have adopted the same frame rate technique used in “The Dragon Prince” for the people talking bits. Basically using less frames.

      As I understand it it is intended to give the show more of an “Anime” look, but because it is 3d I personally don’t like it. Hopefully the story and characters are good enough for me to ignore it and that they drop it for the second season.

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