Leaked Disney Infinity 4.0 Footage Is Deeply Depressing

Leaked Disney Infinity 4.0 Footage Is Deeply Depressing

Disney Infinity was a good idea with some very cool toys, and its demise had everything to do with corporate mismanagement and very little to do with Disney Infinity. So seeing this footage of what was supposed to be the game’s fourth iteration stings.

Disney Infinity 4.0: Kingdoms, as seen here in this pre-alpha, for-internal-purposes-only footage (via Chaserjoey @ Resetera), was going to feature a campaign mode that smashed Aladdin and Star Wars together.

Sure, it looks the same as the existing games — that’s the point, this was a modular experience — but one thing Disney Infinity improved each time out was its actual game parts, so it’s a shame we’ll never get to play this.

Or get figures based on Last Jedi. Or Incredibles 2. Or Infinity War


  • What I personally found incredible was the built-in programming mode. Arguably surpassing the possibilities that Minecraft’s redstone feature provides, I ended up spending a darn lot of time experimenting building more and more sophisticated worlds.

    Sigh. Good times. RIP

  • We collected this, every part of it, but ultimately the truly disappointing part was that characters were ‘locked’ to their own franchise. I couldn’t use Spiderman in the Starwars levels, I couldn’t use Ironman to beat up Barbossa etc. By locking them away into their own franchise levels, it really ruined a LOT of the imagination for my son, who at the time when it came out, was in his most formative years and was literally saying to me “This would be SO much better if Ironman could do the Hoth level” or “Darth Vader should be able to fight Captain America!”

    Basically, for us, that was what ruined Disney Infinity, that they had those restrictions :\

  • I collected all of this, and so disappointed they canned it.

    My kids still play it in sandbox mode building and making up stories.

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