Lenovo's Making Giant Curved Gaming Monitors As Well

Image: Lenovo Newsroom

Sure, there might be a few 49" beasts on the market. But what if 49 inches is too much? Then Lenovo has a 43.4-inch curved monitor for you.

Included as part of Lenovo's peripheral lineup at CES this year is the Lenovo Legion Y44w screen, sporting the unusual native res of 3840x1200 with a VA-based panel and support for DisplayHDR 400 and a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz.

Australian pricing and availability isn't known at this stage, but the first iteration of the Y44w will support AMD's FreeSync 2 (which is totally fine given Nvidia's about-face on exclusively pushing G-Sync this week).

When it does come to Australia, it won't be cheap: the release notes that it'll sell for $US1200 internationally through the Lenovo website. That said, the marketing is pushing this pretty hard at sim racers, flight enthusiasts and the kind of folk that would a) spend thousands not just on their PC rig, but associated peripherals and b) would have the hardware to smoothly power games at 100+fps on a 32:9 screen.

The Y44w's maximum quoted brightness is at 450 nits (necessary to meet the DisplayHDR 400 standard). And for those who do want a model with G-Sync support, a version of that will start shipping internationally this autumn. Again, no word on when it'll make its way down under.


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