Mod Remaking Fallout 3 Inside Fallout 4 Is Back In Development

Mod Remaking Fallout 3 Inside Fallout 4 Is Back In Development
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Fallout 3 is one of the most beloved games in the Fallout universe, so its understandable that there was plenty of excitement for Capital Wasteland, a mod to remake Fallout 3 inside the Fallout 4 engine.

The mod was cancelled last year after lawyers from Bethesda raised red flags over their plan to use Bethesda’s audio assets in their remake. But with a new year comes a fresh approach, and the developers behind the mod have announced that Capital Wasteland is back in development.

The main stumbling block was the need to record new audio assets and dialogue, due to licensing issues around the reuse of assets from Fallout 3. NafNaf_95, lead programmer on Capital Wasteland, noted that the mod was never technically shut down by Bethesda – the mod team made the decision themselves after chats with the studio.

“As you might already be aware, we were informed that our planned approach would raise some serious red flags and so after a few discussions amongst our team we decided it would be best to put the project on hold,” a post on the official website says.

That means the Capital Wasteland team always had the option to restart the project – they just had to find a way to overcome the fairly sizeable hurdle in their way.

In an update on the official website, the modders have made the call to re-record around 45,000 voice lines from Fallout 3.

“For myself after working for hundreds of hours on this project and then having to stop really made me depressed. Something I had an extreme passion for was suddenly not there anymore. So after taking a few months break, I slowly picked up the pieces and continued my work on the Capital Wasteland,” one of the co-lead developers said.

A bunch of new screenshots showing off interiors, models and locations have been published as well, although the mod is still in the very, very early stages of development. But at least development is continuing, which is a nice solace to those who have been holding out hope for a remastered Fallout 3 all this time.


  • Sounds expensive. Fo3 and 4 are pretty cheap, will the mod end up costing more than the base game it’s based off and/or the game it runs through?

  • That is such bullshit from bethesda though

    Theres been a mod that ran fallou 3 in fallout new vegas for fucking years AND ITS DOING THE EXACT SAME THING THIS MOD IS DOING

    And no problems from bethesda, bethesda is just pushing away the modding scene that kept its games alive lately and its such bullshit

    Because if tale of two wastelands that ran fallout 3 in the fallout new vegas engine is legal then so is this mod

    Fucking money grubbing bethesda bullshit is all this is

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