Overwatch’s Latest Map Is Paris

Overwatch’s Latest Map Is Paris

Rolled out moments ago on the PTR server, the latest location for jetpacks and rockets to destroy in the Overwatch world is Paris.

Paris is a two-point assault map in the vein of Temple of Anubis and Hanamura, rather a hybrid payload/capture, control or a direct payload map.

For those who would rather wait for the map to be rolled out on the public servers, but are still interested in the layout, streamer KarQ is showing off some gameplay right now. You can also see a little of the point design in a short YouTube clip below. The second square is a large open space, but not exposed to high ground in the same way points on Horizon: Lunar Colony, for example.

Paris is live on the PTR server now, which you can access by changing the server region near the Play button on the Battle.net launcher. The patch, however, does not include any nerfs to Reaper’s absurd self-healing. Sorry.


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