Pokémon Cosplay Has Gotten Easier For Cats

Image: Kitan

Now there are officially licensed Pokémon hats for your cats. Cute, right? The only trick is getting your cat to wear one!

Each Pocket Monster hat is priced at 400 yen ($5). They are very, very cute.

Image: Kitan
Image: Kitan

Here and here are the different cat hats for Pocket Monster cosplay. They are sold via capsule toy machine, so you probably don’t know which your cat will get!


    I hate cats, but this looks cruel.

      Well cats don't hate you. They love you. I mean would they eat you when you die if they hated you?

        Nuke Girl.... mmmm ... yeh actually there are # of cases where they do eat owners if they past away and there is no other food source

    I object! This isn't cosplay, these are hats. If i wore a hat with a pokemon drawn on it, would you say I'm cosplaying? NO! You would just say, wow man, awesome hat.
    Ergo, not cosplay.
    *mic drop*

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