Poop Emoji Reborn As Soft Serve Ice Cream

Photo: PR Times

While poop ice cream isn’t new, here’s the poop emoji turned into soft serve ice cream.

As Wired points out, Japanese telecom company KDDI first pushed out the unchi (poop) emoji in September 2000.

And this month, IT Media and PR Times are reporting that snack shop SweetXO Good Grief in Tokyo is launching Unchi-kun Soft Serve that looks like the poop emoji.

Served in little potties starting January 15, the pooh-served ice cream comes in several different varieties, each with different accessories. There are Heart Unchi-kun, Bunny Unchi-kun, Flower Ribbon Unchi-kun and King Unchi-kun.

Photo: PR Times

All hail King Unchi-kun.


    lol, more like 'Japan reclaims Ice cream Emoji' because that's what it was MEANT to be. :P

    And this was the day we found out that we'd been eating white poop in a cone all along.

    All we need now are the Two Girls One Cup reaction photos.

      That video loses a lot of its shock value when you find out it was mostly faked. The creator came out publicly and admitted the poop was fake.

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